Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calligrafy Logo...

After Years Of Workin On CopyRights & TradeMarks, I'm Finally Excited To Introduce To The World The Logo To My Calligraphy Company "Calligrafy"...

Official Logo
This Is Like The 1,000th Draft I Did & I Finally Came To A Decision & I Love It, I Think Everyone Else Will Love It As Well! Not To Mention The Slogan For My Company... "Beautifying The World... One Stroke At A Time!".

They Both Have A Meaning Behind Them & In The Future I Will Explain Why I Chose Them!

Thank You To All Who Support My Company & I, We Are Geared For Big Things In The Near Future, By The Will And Mercy Of Allah!

Special S/o To "Paper Brown Bag NYC".


Monday, September 27, 2010

Endangered Species? The DisAppearance Of The Black Man...

When you're blessed with sisters who care about your upbringin (Especially As A Black Muslim Man), and make sure you get a fair shot at the world, your eyes open to so much more that others don't see!

I was blessed to go see a short film Program "Endangered Species? The DisAppearance Of The Black Man"  @ BAM  (Part of the BAMcinématek series Creatively Speaking)... Which my sister invited my brother & I to. It opened my eyes to the situations we face as Black/Latino males in America... Because we have this stereotype, that "we can't be better or do better", which is totally wrong.

It examined the state of black manhood in America, I encourage everyone to see these short films they are all goin to effect you in a different way, as they did I.

I Am Sean Bell: Black Boys Speak (2009, 10min)
Directed by Stacey Muhammad
Young boys reflect on the Sean Bell tragedy, speaking out about their fears and hopes as they approach manhood in a city where the lives of young black men are often cut short.

 Barack and Curtis (2009, 10min)
Directed by Byron Hurt
This short documentary examines the contrasting styles of manhood exhibited by Barack Obama and rapper/mogul Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent). Produced by the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC).

Bring Your “A” Game (2009, 30min)
Directed by Mario Van Pebbles
Using a cinematic style influenced by popular culture and innovative, aesthetic technologies, this film details strategies that have improved the lives of Black men and boys. It underscores how essential educational achievement and high school graduation are to survival and success in today’s world. Interviewees include such Black male icons as Richard “Dick” Parsons, Chris Rock, Spike Lee, Dr. Cornel West, Ice Cube, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kevin Liles, Lou Gossett Jr., Lupe Fiasco, Hill Harper, Damon Dash, Kevin Powell, Melvin Van Peebles, Geoffrey Canada, Bruce Gordon, and former NBA star Alan Houston, among others.

When It Rains (2009, 21min)
Directed by Amir Adelar Minder
A young man, disillusioned by his underground lifestyle, becomes even more so after his live-in girlfriend takes her own life. As he embarks on a final journey through his Bronx neighborhood, only his younger half-brother notices something is going on. Is it too late?

Bird Losing Its Feathers (2006, 9min)
Directed by James Richards
Inspired by the tragic murder of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas, Bird Losing Its Feathers is a hard look at race, class, and hate crime in America.

I Am Sean Bell: Black Boys Speak...

Barack & Curtis...

Bring Your A Game...

Part 1 Of 3

Part 2 Of 3

Part 3 Of 3



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My Logo...

My Logo...
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