Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blackberry Empathy (Concept Phone)


Ever call your friend and he or she wasn’t in the mood for talking?  You wouldn’t have known that but RIM, the makers of Blackberry are working on a concept phone called the Empathy.  The Empathy works with a biometrics ring to detect yours and your contact’s moods and share them within your network.

The biometrics ring is just an added benefit of this phone.  The phone starts out crystal clear when it is inactive but once the user grabs it for use, the phone turns black and is ready.  The concept Empathy will also come with  Powermat like charge pad to charge your phone and the biometric ring, a QWERTY keypad and all the features others RIM phones have.  To read more about this concept visit HERE.

Blackberry Empathy Concept (2)Blackberry Empathy Concept

Blackberry Empathy Concept (3)
Blackberry Empathy Concept (4)

Blackberry Empathy Concept (5)


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