Saturday, November 13, 2010


All creatures depend for their survival on their relationships to their environment. If they are particularly sensitive to any kind of change... A danger or an opportunity... They have a greater power to dominate their surroundings. It is not simply that the hawk can see further than any other creature, but that it can see great detail, picking out the slightest alteration in the landscape. Its eyes give it tremendous sensitivity and supreme hunting prowess.

We live in an environment that is mostly human. It consists of the people that we interact with day in and day out. These humans come from many varied backgrounds and cultures. They are individuals with their own unique experiences. To know people well... Their differences, their nuances, their emotional life... Would give us a great sense of connection and power. We would know how to reach them, communicate more effectively, and influence their actions. But so often we remain on the outside and lack this power. To connect to the environment in this way would mean having to move outside ourselves, train our eyes on people, but so often we prefer to live in our heads, amid our own thoughts and dreams. We strive to make everything in the world familiar and simple. We grow insensitive to peoples differences, to the details that make them individuals.


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