Thursday, November 18, 2010

Social Mirror

Alone, in our minds, we can imagine we have all kinds of powers and abilities. Our egos can inflate to any size. But when we produce something that fails to have the expected impact, we are suddenly faced with a limit... We are not as "brilliant" or skilled as we had imagined. In such a case, our tendency is to blame others for not understanding it or getting in our way. Our egos are bruised or delicate... Criticism from the outside seems like a personal attack, which we cannot endure. We tend to close ourselves off and this makes it doubly difficult to succeed with our next venture.

Instead of turning inward, consider people's coolness to your idea and their criticism as a kind of mirror they are holding up to you. A physical mirror turns you into an object; you can see yourself as others see you. Your ego cannot protect you... the mirror does not lie. You use it to correct your appearance and avoid ridicule. The opinion of other people serve a similar function. You view your work from inside your mind, encrusted with all kinds of desires and fears. They see it as an object; they see it as it is. Through their criticisms you can get closer to this objective version and gradually improve what you do. (One caveat: beware of feedback from friends whose judgments could be tainted by feelings of jealousy,envy or the need to flatter.)

When your work does not communicate with others, consider it your own fault... You did not make your ideas clear enough and you failed to connect with your audience emotionally. This will spare you any bitterness or anger that might come from peoples critiques. You are simply perfecting your work through the social mirror.


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vanillawafer2991 said...

Yes absolutely. "They see it as it is."<< So true. And sometimes you don't accept other people views because you become so inundated in your own views. Your own opinion or view of your work is all you can fathom. But you gain so much from the critcism and evalauation of others...It makes you that much better. I'm loving this post. You have the ability to make things so perceptible.

Calligrafist said...

Go Me... Thanks Fia!


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