Friday, December 24, 2010

MicroVision SHOWWX+ Laser Projector

I want this so i can display my Calligraphy, so someone get on it!

Are you often on the go and need to show a group of your friends your latest demo reel without crowding around a small screen? Well Microvision released the world’s first laser projector that works with your portable devices and lately they have improved on their initial design with the SHOWWX+. With the new Pico P display engine, the projector now shows a brighter picture, richer colors and images that are infinitely in focus, even on curved surfaces.

Besides the fact that the SHOWWX+ is small and very portable, it connects to your Apple devices, your laptop or any gadget with VGA or TV out capability. This device also displays photos, Netflix movies, YouTube and movies purchased from iTunes. Get the award winning SHOWWX+ at the Microvision store HERE.

 SHOWWX+ (6)
 SHOWWX+ (12)


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