Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Incarceration of a Black Youth

Here are some startling statistics. Black men have an incarceration rate of 4,618 in 10,000. In the United States, an estimated 1,559,200 children have parent in prison. Unfortunately, 92% of those incarcerated are fathers. In Cook County (Chicago-land area) 99% of youths tried as adults are African-American or Latino and the arrest rate of African-American juveniles increases 145% each year.

Unfortunately, eighty-four males on Death Row right now are juveniles.

Currently, illicit drug use within the African-American community for juveniles twelve and older is 10.1%. Because of the extraordinary rate of incarceration, one in every twenty black men over the age of eighteen in the United States will be incarcerated. This is opposed to one in eighty white men. FBI data compiled from more than eighty-five hundred agencies show that African-Americans were the subject of 29% of the population in prisons, even though they make up only 12% of the United States population.

African Americans made up 44% of the female inmate’s ages sixteen to sixty-four; however, African American females only total 3% of the population. So, it should be of no surprise that 70% of all traffic stops in the United States are on African-Americans or Hispanics. Of those incarcerated a staggering 60% are illiterate.

Can the popularity of urban fiction begin to bring that number down?
Read The Rest Here: Incarceration of Black Males and Urban Fiction by Niccole Simmons


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