Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sirvet '32292' Table (Designed For Michael Jordan)


An all aluminum table designed by Michael Enn Sirvet in a bid commission for sports legend, Michael Jordan. It is a 9-foot by 4-foot 'aluminum lace' dining room table designed with a hole for every career point scored. Holes range in size from 1/8" to 5/8" in diameter. The table top and legs are 1/4" thick.

The '32292 Table' is his first entirely designed work of art. Prior to this piece everything he created was entirely handmade - even his 2005 'Frozen Pond Table'. The simple fact that this table could not possibly be made by hand dictated that decision. To that effect, the machine shop Sirvet worked with, which is incredibly well equipped and makes mid-air refueling components for the air-force, had to sub-contract out the bending of the top and legs. This table is truly a work of technology.

If you are wondering how he knows there are 32292 holes in the table - Sirvet designed it using a computer design program called AutoCAD. That program allows you to track the number of 'elements' in a drawing. The 32292 table was created exactly as he designed it in every way to the most minute detail. In actuality there are 32296 holes in the table, but 4 holes hold the leveling feet, so he do not count those.



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