Monday, February 21, 2011

Most DANGEROUS cities in the country.

An annual breakdown FBI crime data shows which cities in the U.S. have the highest overall incidence of crime, relative to the national rate. Each city is given a Crime Risk Index to signify that relation. St. Louis, which tops the list of dangerous cities with a 530 CRI, has a crime rate 5.3 times the national average.

Below is a list of the cities ranked as the most dangerous:

1. St. Louis: 530
2. Atlanta: 484
3. Birmingham Alabama (tie): 380
3. Orlando (tie): 380
5. Detroit: 369
6. Memphis: 361
7. Miami: 346
8. Baltimore: 339
9. Kansas City, Missouri: 337
10. Minneapolis (tie): 331
10. Cleveland (tie): 331



Serendipity said...

As ignorant as this may sound I don't know how to feel about NYC not being on this list. I mean it shows the growth the city has been thru & the crime rate is going down but that just sheds a light to what's really happening in NYC, the gentrification of historical neighborhoods. People being pushed out, rent is too expensive, etc.

Calligrafist said...

Interesting Perspective...


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