Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Collaborations: pastry & fly boys lettermen jackets

Ideas fuel design, be they big or small they are essential in the process of creating garments.

February 11, 2011 at Paper Brown Bag, was indeed a day where such ideas were jumping off every wall of their comfortable Harlem office.

collaborative letterman jacket
This day marked the beginning of a Collaboration between PBB’s subsidiary lineFLY BOYS & established shoe company PASTRYBeing asked to collaborate with another company is of course no small task, it takes planning and detailed execution, both of which are principles not at all new to Paper Brown Bag. So when they were asked to collab with Pastry they accepted the request with open arms.

In their very first meeting ideas developed into strong product. Being that our campanies’ staple is the Letterman jacket, Pastry along with their head designers and owners Quasim & Khalid Johnston felt it essential to develop from that front. Pastry presented their next season of sneakers and asked PBB to meet them halfway, of course they did more. Ideas zinged around the room for hours in the classic PBB style.
One sentence from Quasim the next from Khalid, repeated over and over all while Quasim continuously sketched out every single idea being held in consideration.
By the end of the night 3 completely unique jackets were on the table and developed to the “T”. Paper Brown Bag custom patch work funneled into “FLY BOYS” execution topped everything off.

The next step was sourcing fabrics. Quickly in following along any journey with Paper Brown Bag hunting fabric one will recognize the professional attention each designer pays to the textile arts. But though they are detailed and very attentive they move swiftly. 

Years of keeping mental roller decks on fabrics, leathers, & silks unravel until the proper materials are gathered clipped and purchased.

Knowing texture, width, color/dying, feel, quality, & lastly durability are what we take into every place we gather fabric- Quasim  

With no breaks they head straight to the studio to get the project underway. The details are what they start on first. CAD’s come out spelling each specific point of the garment, and not computer generated ones either, but material specific blue prints. Sketches follow, all while a Bebop sound track sets the creative atmosphere. During this time few words are really said mostly just emotional responses “Uh Huhs!!!” Nods and Shakes but the language is creativity.  

With no exaggeration I can comfortably say they are 3/4 quarters of the way finished with the entire project and it’s only been a little over 24 hours since they began. Not rushed but a constant work ethic that many hear about but don’t have the pleasure to be able to witness. Every single stitch is completed with love and every cut with quality in mind. 

SEE MORE IN UPCOMING VIDEO……….specifically created for this collaboration.

Via - PaperBrownBag.Com 

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