Friday, March 04, 2011

José Parlá ‘Walls, Diaries, and Paintings’ Exhibition

José Parlá ‘Walls, Diaries, and Paintings’ Exhibition Preview
Art Done By: José Parlá

From March 3, 2011, New York’s Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery will host Walls, Diaries, and Paintings an exhibition of works by Jose Parla. In total, 15 paintings reflect Parla’s recent travels – through Istanbul, Havana, Tokyo, and more – his mix of abstract expressionism and symbolism capturing the pace of these urban environments.

The exhibition will run through April 16, 2011. A new monograph of Parla’s work, entitled Walls, Diaries, and Paintings, will complement the exhibition.

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
505 West 24th Street
New York, New York


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