Thursday, March 03, 2011

Lupe Fiasco discusses the making of Lasers (+ Reviews)

In an in-depth interview with the Chicago Tribune Lupe speaks on the struggles he went through while recording Lasers, talks about the fan protest, his realtionship with Atlantic Records and various songs and the story behind them.

Q: How did you resolve the conflict with the label?

A: I had to paint puppies, to be honest. But I threw in my own twist. One of the eyes of the puppy is a nine-headed deer, and there’s some kind of mutation in the lady’s hands. There is some subversiveness tucked in there. The album is still a collaboration.

They had to give, I had to give, because they have to have some incentive to promote the record. So the first verse of “The Show Goes On” is about them, but the rest widens it out. There are tracks like “Words I Never Said” and “All Black Everything” where they let me do what I want, they didn’t interfere.

There was no pressure to create, no expectation to please someone. I’m comfortable and happy with the record as a whole, where before there was an imbalance.

I hate this record, the process of making this record, and I love this record. What I had to go through was not fun, the ugliness I saw in people. But I love the manifesto, that the message got out, that fans protested for four hours in front of the label’s New York headquarters and demanded attention.

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Entertainment Weekly gave Lupe's Lasers an A- ...Here's what they have to say about the album:

Lupe's much-delayed set is as militant as the picket signs that fans used to force its release months ago. Murky rock cut ''State Run Radio'' ridicules the repetitive nature of the airwaves, while the haunting ''All Black Everything'' creates a fantasy world where negative isms don't even exist. But within the harsh truths lie love and joy — heard on the spacey Trey Songz-assisted ''Out of My Head.''

Simply put, Lasers beams.
This one here is from Spin mag: They gave Lasers a 6/10. Check below to see what they think about the album:

Lupe Fiasco's oft-delayed, way too overthought third album fuses the seething, political rap of the underground with the motivational, occasionally emo fist-pumping that's been at the top of the charts in the past year.

"Words I Never Said" is like B.o.B's "Airplanes" or Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie" with a dash of early-'90s Ice Cube and a whole bunch of Evanescence angst.

Armed with that wonky combination, Fiasco smuggles 9/11 conspiracies and a fairly sophisticated take on the Middle East into a pop-rap anthem. Compared to Lasers' other confrontational crossover songs (the flimsy "State Run Radio," the nearly clever "All Black Everything"), "Words" is an effective attempt at culture-jamming the Billboard charts.

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