Thursday, March 03, 2011

Lupe Fiasco interview w/ ESPN's The Life

Lupe talked to The Life about music, motorsports, Chicago sports legends, stadium anthems and more. Check an excerpt below:

The Life: Different sports move at different paces. Do those rhythms affect or inspire the musical direction of your songs?

Fiasco: Yeah, there's definitely the "I want to create intro music for the World Boxing Federation championship." I want Manny Pacquiao to walk in to my song. That's a large part of it for a lot of people, that intro music.

The theme song for the Chicago Bulls that I heard as a kid was just so dramatic, and when that music came on, you knew it was time to go to work. Everything would go dark, and it's like, yes! [laughs] It's gonna go down right now, so to speak.

Those kinds of emotions, as well as you want to be the theme music to that dramatic play, that high-energy slam dunk in slow motion. You want your song to be playing. You want it to match things like that, so there are aspirations, in that sense, to create that theme music to great things.

Click HERE to read the full interview!


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