Monday, March 07, 2011

PAPER BROWN BAG exclusively @ Vinnies Styles

One of the major questions from people on a daily basis is; Where can we find “PAPER BROWN BAG” clothing? The answer is simple head over to VINNIES. What is Vinnies? Well here’s the short answer. 
Since the 1970s, Vinnie ‘s has been earning recognition as a destination for contemporary fashion throughout the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Affectionately named Vinnies after “Mr. Vinnie” who opened the stores first location in Crown Heights Brooklyn some 30 odd years ago.

The present Vinnies or full name “Vinnies Styles” is owned and operated by three brothers, Desta, Jacob, & Paul who reopened the historic clothing store in 2002 as a means to pay homage to their Grandfather with the intent to build on the original mission while making it reflective of the present. From the re-opening of the store in 2002 they have quickly grown to 3 stores “Little Vinnies”, and their flagship store VINNIE’S both on Flatbush Ave as well as a branch in Atlanta Georgia. 

 LETS PUT IT LIKE THIS…..when a company has a mission to only sell things that are relevant, innovative, & well crafted representations of self and community why wouldn’t they sell exclusively out of their store? Exactly!!!! 

But anyway on to the topic at hand, SPRING is readily approaching, and of course that means their spring line is on the way too. This stop was to begin their preparation for their new spring section in the store and to hash out the last few details. That means STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH, that you can expect PAPER BROWN BAG in Vinnies in the next few weeks.

SNEEK PREVIEWS of the SPRING line coming real soon…..Follow Them on TWITTER @PaperBrownBag...

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