Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bun B's Hip Hop & Religion Panel @ Rice University

Julia Beverly  comes through with footage of the complete panel discussion that took place @ Rice University the other day (April 12th). Check out how Bun B, Lupe, Talib, Malice, Tre9 and Trae Tha Truth discuss Hip Hop & Religion and more... 

Also CheckOut Lupe @ CAU "Clark Atlanta University" Here...

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Malik said...

Akhi, as you know I'm a purist when it comes to hip hop. My issue with so-called "religious" emcees is this psychic duality that exists between what the faith says and what many of these artists are participating or even presenting in their videos. I mean, let's be honest, an emcee that considers him or herself religious performing among an environment with alcohol, men/women grinding on each other, half naked chicks, etc.

Is this really a reflection of what God intended for his creation? There was a very interesting observation that I listened to during the State of Race Symposium where I think it was Will Griffin the CEO of Hip Hop On Demand where he said that hip hop is social system and not a value/moral system. Not as a slam against hip hop, but just stating the obvious. I came in when hip hop was entrenched with an "Endutainment" and moral lens, where your behavior inside and outside of hip hop was measured in equity. With everything that I said, we still had many of the dualistic behavior then that we have now, just wish things would have moved farther away foam the more hip pop angle. Maybe this is an artistic argument as much as a values argument.

I'm not here to throw daggers at these emcees, I'm just asking questions. Many of them I have a lot of respect for and occasionally listen to. It's really just a matter of being consistent with our Deen. As you know Islam is flexible like a branch, but I fear people are bending the religion to the whim of their own interpretation hence leading to the snapping of the branch.

Get at me.

- Malik

Calligrafist said...

I Understand and We have had this conversation before, Hip Hop and religion is a very big topic in the "Young Islamic" World today. It needs to be addressed and unfortunately it really isn't, I've heard Muslims say... "Hip Hop is a way of life or Hip Hop Saved my life", to me that is Ridiculous! but because hip hop is so in our faces and we wanna be like the next person "doing it"... we conform our beliefs and end up jeopardizing ourselves and our religious views.

But Also, We have to get the message out there and one of the ways is through Hip Hop, to be honest if Lupe wasn't sayin what he says and doin what he does... I would not be aware of certain situations or happenings. Number 1 because he is Muslim, Number 2 because of the positive messages he puts out/ his honesty and Number 3 I honestly don't care to listen to a lot of people speak. I'm sayin that to say this "we have to come to a middle ground and understand where we stand and how we can help".

I'll end with, as I always say "we don't have an Islamic/Muslim identity in America as of yet, being that we are still relatively young here (Islam in America)". I try MY best not to compromise my Deen and fall into wrong interpretations of Islam because of the environment I live in.

Thanks, for the comment and shedding light on the MANY things we need to take a deeper look at!

Did I Answer your Question? or bring about more? This is a ongoing subject that needs to be talked about Seriously and not just by "Celebrities".


Malik said...

Fam, you definitely answered the question and 'added on' as we say. I'm very careful with my language, because I know hip hop is an exceptional art form with cultural, political, and socio-economic reach to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Many of my first understandings of Islam was through hip hop. It's started with the 5% (Nation of Gods and Earth) and gradually moved towards what is now understood as Orthodox Islam. Even in my speech communication class in college I did my project on the Wu-tang Clan and the 120 Lessons.

I never want to be an absolutist when it comes to spiritual progress. At the end of the day I don't want be offensive or dismissive. I think you touched on a very valuable point which is the "ongoing subject". We spend such an extraordinary time entrenched in entertainment, I just wonder if it's time for folks to pull back a little. It's one of the reasons that I aggressively opted out of much of entertainment listening (including movies) because it was becoming a second life on to itself. Today, my intentions are more spiritual, but me having a deeper understanding of the roots of psychological conditioning as it pertains to sound and imagery leaves me uneasy when I see the hours (productivity) that too many youth spend in the world of entertainment. It's a subculture that cuts both ways and folks should realize that. I think that's a discussion worth having.

Couple audio links to give you an idea of where I'm coming from:

AUDIO: Jared A Ball on Corporate Media and It's Impacts

AUDIO: Conscious, Culture and Power by Dr. Amos Wilson

AUDIO: Power of Media Influence from documentary Invisible Empire

Malik said...


I re-uploaded the Power of Media link. A bit more audio in this link:

AUDIO: Power of Media Influence from documentary Invisible Empire

- M


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