Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lupe Fiasco @ Roseland BallRoom [W/ Dosage & Black Milk]

Here are the pictures and footage of Lupe Fiasco at Roseland BallRoom (4/24/2011), Dosage Opened the show and brought the house DOWN, as well as gained about 500 new fans with his electric/energetic/word play/metaphors and crowd presence (yes I'm one of those new fans). Black Milk who is from my second home DETROIT (Stand Up!) came out with energy and lyrical prowess, but because he held his mic way too close to his mouth (PAUSE) the words weren't as clear... but nonetheless he held it down! 

Because I underestimated the opening acts I did not get any video footage (smh).
Crowd Throwin Up 3's!
Crowd Appreciation!

"My Next Move Is Gonna Stretch Your Eye Lids!" - Dosage

Hypin The Crowd!
Say It!

Now For The Main Attraction!

And I'm Out!

Me At Roseland BallRoom [Epic Night For ME]
Before The Show!
Caught Lupe's Towel!
I'm A Hundred Mother Lovin Stars!
Dosage & I
Lupe Signing The Towel He Threw At Me!

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Here Are Some Videos From The Night

Below Is Lupe Showin Love To His Brother Esco Who Passed (As Well As His Band)

This Is The Last Song He Did (I Don't Wanna Care Right Now), Ended The Show On This!

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