Thursday, April 07, 2011

NRP x J. Whizz x Others: Music ShowCase At Webster Hall 4/10/11

Come and Support Young Talent This Sunday (4/10/2011) At Webster Hall.
About NRP

Hailing from two different parts of Brooklyn, NY, I.K.E and Roids decided to come together and call themselves the New Rat Pack (NRP). Going back to the early 1950′s the original Rat Pack was the talk of the town in the entertainment world. They had music, television, and films down pact. They were what everyone else in the industry strived to be. Fast forward to the 21st century and you have the New Rat Pack. Not your typical Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr, but I.K.E and Roids have the same goal; TAKING THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY BY STORM. Since their very first recorded track in 2004, you now see them writing songs for other artists, directing and editing their own videos, and organizing events as part of showing appreciation to their fans. Mixtape after mixtape, video after video, it has been proven that this duo has what it takes for longevity in today's music industry. “It’s not about making catchy hooks with sick beats. We really put our time and effort into making good music. We want people years from now to be able to listen to our music and it still have a sense of relevancy to what people are going through at that time,” says Roids. ” We want to be remembered for not only music, but for how we took our talent as an opportunity to expand and take on other ventures,” I.K.E adds on. NRP takes their witty, yet smooth styles, and transforming them into sure hits for everybody. With songs like “Brand New,” and “Picture Perfect,” these guys are sure to gain the attention of the ladies. Bangers like “Go Hard,” and “The Recipe” show the fellas they also have songs that represent the everyday struggle. The New Rat Pack is here to stay. Get used to them!

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About J. Whizz
J. Whizz was born and raised on the South Side of Queens. He is of Jamaican descent, and has been surrounded by family and music throughout his life. While most children spent their free time playing games, J. Whizz began enhancing his talent from a young age with the help of his older cousin. He began rapping at the young age of eight, and his family’s love of music kept him both focused and inspired. 

While a majority of people miss their calling, this was never the case with J. Whizz. He was given the gift of a lively mind. His imagination has lead to his creative concepts and has taken many people aback. J. Whizz is a humble individual and considers himself a student of the art of music. His eagerness to learn and his receptiveness have allowed him to bring something new to the industry.

J. Whizz is the true definition of an artist. He was born with talent, and was wise enough to not let it go to waste. He has developed over the years and has taken the industry by storm. He has gone against the grain and introduced his concepts to a game that has become stagnant. Friends, family, and hard work have landed J. Whizz in the position he is in today. Never taking anything for granted, and his strong desire to make a name for himself has made J. Whizz a force to recon with. The game will never be the same.

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Come Out & Support J. Whizz, NRP & Other Acts As Well. 

For More Info & Tickets Contact Marv Mac.


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