Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recent Downloads [Big K.R.I.T x XV]

Once again I present to you my recent "OutStanding" downloads...

In this post we have XV & Big K.R.I.T, both very capturing artist, timeless music & originality!
Most times I have a favorite song on a Mixtape (Free Album), but on Big K.R.I.T's I ride it out straight through and don't skip a song, I actually love the whole body of work. As for XV, his style is so"modern/throwback", I can appreciate his use of music and his delivery... Download them and see what I'm talking about!

The awesome artwork for “Zero Heroes” created by Mike Waxx features a collage of some of my heroes, people and items that make up my character and also inspired the project. Glancing at it you’ll see some familiar faces from your childhood, television, and music, but me and Mike Waxx broke down to give you an itemized list of who’s who on the cover of “Zero Heroes” check it out!!!

1. Cloud Strife 2. Superman 3. Alexis Texas 4. Jay-Z 5. Notorious B.I.G. 6. Kurt Cobain 7. John F. Kennedy 8. Tupac Shakur 9. Snoop Dogg 10. Suge Knight 11. Master Chief 12. Nate Dogg 13. Tori Black 14. The Pixies 15. Malcolm X 16. XV 17. Martin Luther King, Jr. 18. XBOX 360v19. Weezer 20. Michael Jackson 21. Princess Diana 22. Jessica Rabbit 23. Batman 24. Michael Jordan 25. Janis Joplin 26. Dr. Dre 27. Jimi Hendrix 28. Gameboy 29. Marty McFly & Doc Brown 30. Eazy E 31. Spike Jonze 32. Atari 2600 33. Michael Scott 34. The Joker 35. Delorean 36. Kristina Rose

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