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5 Things You Need to Know About the Jordan Jeter Cut

highsnobiety - Octavio Lubrano on the Jordan Jeter Cut
This month, Jordan Brand announced the release of the Jordan Jeter Cut, the 10th signature model for New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter. Octavio Lubrano, Senior Footwear Designer for Jordan Brand, says of the shoe, “My goal when creating this shoe was to enable Derek to train in a lighter shoe that provided improved natural motion. For us, Derek is the face of training. There’s a reason why he has 10 signature shoes and is still competing on the highest level and it starts with his dedication to training.”

In our opinion (HighsNoBiety), the Jordan Jeter Cut is the strongest Jumpman trainer to date. The White/Pitch Black/Metallic Silver version is available now. A Black/White model arrives in June of 2011, and a Graphite/Stealth hits stores in July 2011.
5 Things To Know Below:

1.The Jeter Cut is lightweight: We lowered the collar height to a 5/8 cut that reduced outsole rubber. Derek likes this as he can get to ground balls in the hole easier.

2.The Jeter Cut provides traction: This shoe provides multi-directional traction on the outsole so you don’t have to change your shoe when the surface changes. You can wear the Jeter Cut when training on turf, grass, wood and rubber mat surfaces. This is a training shoe first and foremost and we wanted to create one shoe that you could conduct all your training regiments in.

Some specific traction insights:

-Forefoot/diamond nubbed traction for dirt and artificial turf surface.
-Heel and toe/diamond-herringbone traction pattern for wood and rubber matt surfaces.

3. The Jeter Cut provides Comfort: It enables the foot to flex and move naturally by using Nike FREE technology into the midsole design.

4. The Jeter Cut provides lateral stability and medial stability. By providing lateral and medial stability, the shoe allows you to cut and plant easier. When you go from heel to toe transition, you’re pulling from your arch, and then as you plant on your lateral and move toward your toe-off, the pull is more towards the forefoot. The strap on the Jeter Cut displays functionally where you want the pull to come from when you’re cutting.

5. Derek indirectly provided the inspiration for the name of the shoe. When I met with Derek two years ago I asked him what training meant to him. He said “training is like an uncut diamond. The more you polish it, the better the stone and the cut.” So I used that inspiration both metaphorically and literally in creating the Jeter Cut. Derek approaches the game with a polished, refined look to it, but I also literally “cut” out pieces of the shoe to make it lighter and faster.

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