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Gallery Of The Week: The New Detroit

The New Detroit
There's so much going on that we haven't touched on, so many transformations and developments taking place." On Tuesday, I brought you Detriot: 5 Things You Should Know On Wednesday, Ask Men brought you Paul Eisenstein's take on the Detroit Auto Industry's Near-Death Experience. On Thursday, I brought you both our take on the 5 Guys Who Are Raising Detroit From The Dead.

We're not quite done with the city, though. There's so much going on that we haven't touched on, so many transformations and developments taking place. As such, and in closing, we've assembled a few projects that we think were and are emblematic of the New Detroit.

Compuware HQ On Campus Martius

Completed in 2003, the Compuware Building on Campus Martius represented one of the most significant examples of corporate reinvestment in Detroit in decades.

Compuware Corporation

The Westin Book Cadillac Hotel

Constructed in 1924, the imposing art deco Book Cadillac hotel was one of downtown's most prestigious properties for decades, but by 1984, urban disinvestment and decline meant that it had to shut its doors. Twenty-four years later, however, the Westin Hotel Group brought the address back to its traditional prominence with a meticulous renovation that allowed Detroiters to see ballrooms and lobbies that hadn't been so pristine since the Jazz Age.

Westin Hotels

The Greektown Casino Hotel

As urban renewal anchors, casinos can be a fairly dicey proposition. That said, when combined with office, retail and residential projects nearby, they can add a little glitz to a cityscape. What's better: a block of Vegas or a block of Beirut?

Greektown Casino

Greektown Casino

Eastern Market Community Kitchen

Detroit's long been notorious for its lack of supermarkets, markets, decent bodegas -- any place that will sell you an apple rather than an apple-flavored malt beverage. The Eastern Market, however, has done a lot to address that issue, bringing Detroiters fresh produce from all over the Midwest. We're glad to see that further expansions are in the works, as shown in these renderings from the Kraemer Design Group.

Kraemer Design

Cobo Hall Expansion

Long known as the monster that blocks Detroit from its river, Cobo Hall is also one of downtown's most powerful economic engines, bringing conventions and conventioneers from all over the country into Detroit's showcase neighborhood. This latest rehab/expansion should take care of the aesthetic issues too.

Cobo Center

Cobo Center
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