Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Moments: Ramadhan/Quran 2011 Edition

Haha, So I Like To Freak People Out Sometimes... Just By Being Me.

How? Might You Ask... Well During The Month of Ramadhan I Recite 10Times More Quran Than I Recite Throughout The Year... Sooo, I'm Riding The Train (Going To The IC For Taraweeh) and I'm Reading From My Little Pocket Quran and I Randomly Look Up To See A Couple Individuals Staring At Me With Their Judging Eyes... So What Do I Do ?

SideBar: I'm A Hafidh of Quran (I Memorized The Entire Quran By Heart/Memory).

Back To The Story: So What Do I Do ? I Smile and Then I Proceed Stare Back At Them, While I Continue To Recite, For Like 5Mins... Haha, So All They See is Me Staring Back At Them With My Lips Moving and Some Foreign Words Coming Out My Mouth... It Freaks Em Out EVERYTIME !!!

But A Couple People Have Asked Me What It Is That I'm Reading...

"Islam/Quran is Beautiful... Learn What It is and Never PreJudge (Anything in Life). Knowledge Should Be Something We Run Towards, Not Something We Shy Away From ! "

***I Remember There Was A Time I Was Shy About Reciting The Quran on The Train, Because I Knew It "Looked Weird"... Not Anymore !***

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