Friday, August 19, 2011

A Random Thought & Info On Ramadhan

One of My Non Muslims Associates Asked Me Early Today... "Have You Heard The New Music That Has Been Dropping? Straight Fire My Dude ! "... I Looked at Him and Said "Nah, I Haven't Listened To Music in About 3 Weeks Man". He Says "Why?, You Buggin Son ! Not Even WTT ? ". I Said "Well it's Ramadhan and I Choose To Stop listening To Music and A Couple Other Things As Well"... He Then Says "C'mon Son What Do You Have On Your Dres Right Now?" I Simply Say "Quran"... He Then Says " O, So That's What You Chose To Give Up For Ramadhan, I Couldn't Do it... Music is My Life."

I Think We As Muslims, Need To Better Explain What Ramadhan is... Because Some People Are Under The Assumption That It is Similar To Lent and Other Non Islamic Observances, Where They Give Up Certain Things. It is NOT.

Ramadhan Serves A Stepping Stone For The Rest of The Year, Up Until The Next Ramadhan.

We Are Prescribed By Allah (God) To Give Up "Food, Drink & Sexual Activities" DURING The Day Time Hrs, I.e Between Sunrise and Sunset. Muslims Are Allowed to Eat "As They Feel" After.

Ramadhan is About Restraint and Suppressing Desires For The Desires of Allah. So in That Spirit I Decided To Leave Off Things (Twitter, Facebook, Music, Tv, and General Interaction With Individuals... Etc.) That Consume My Time and Focus Solely on Quran During This Holy Month !

My View is "If I Can't Give It (W/e It Might Be) Up During Ramadhan, Then I Will Never Be Able To Give It Up. So I Try My Best To Have Restraint During This Month and Hope It Carries Over into The Rest Of The Year and My Life.
SideNote: I Just Had Some BANGIN Rice From My African Peoples !

I Swear They're Tryna Get The Boy Fat ! *Stretches*


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