Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Habits You Should've Picked-Up By Now

Point 1: You can fast for a full month!

We've learned from fasting how to soften our souls and conquer our desires while performing the concept of worship to Allah alone. The Prophet, peace be upon him, encouraged us to continue fasting with six days during the month of Shawwal when he said, "Whoever fasts the month of Ramadhan and he follows it with six days of Shawwal, it is as if he has fasted the whole year." 

Also, It was the sunnah (Practice) of the Prophet to fast Mondays, Thursdays, three days of each lunar month, the day of Arafah, Ashourah, and most of Sha'ban and Muharram.  

Can you fast at least some of these days? Try it...

Point 2: You can pray Taraweeh!

Allah describes his pious servants as, "they used to only sleep for a short period of time at night" in Surat ul-Sajdah. 

Praying at night was the habit of the Prophet all his life, and he used to encourage his companions and family to do the same. He said, "Do Qiyam-ul-layl, the night prayer, it used to be of the good deeds of the pious people before you. It draws you closer to your Lord, it causes your sins to be forgiven, and it causes you to avoid doing bad deeds." 

Can you commit to praying 2 Rakaats after Isha? Don't be afraid to drop them extra Rakaats...

Point 3: You love reciting and listening to the Quran!

Do not stop reading the Quran after Ramadhan. We made reading the Quran, and spending a few minutes per day to recite or listen to it, a part of our daily schedule. Make this habit live longer than this one month so you can be amongst those whom Prophet Muhammad described, "Read the Quran, for verily it will come on the Day of Judgment as an intercessor for its companions." [Muslim]. 

Can you dedicate some time to the Quran? Trust me, you'll feel better...

Point 4: You can give charity!

Allah says, "Those who spend their wealth day and night, secretly and publicly, their reward is with their Lord." 

If Allah promised to compensate you for what you spend in charitable causes, what's stopping you from giving more? If spending for the sake of Allah, as a sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity), is one of three actions that would outlive you, 

Can you give more? Hopefully we will, because we can... Donate HERE !

Point 5: You can give up major sins! 

The purpose behind fasting is not just to be hungry and thirsty, rather the purpose is that it leads to the suppression of desires and taming one's evil inclinations. 

Besides, what kind of a person would stop sinning only in Ramadhan but as soon as Ramadhan ends, he/she goes back to them?  

Can you continue to stay away from such sins? Definitely something to think about and make an effort for...

Point 6: You can forgive and forget! 

It is amazing how families and friends come together during the month of Ramadhan. We eat at the very same time and we pray at the very same time.  We hasten in inviting people over for iftaar and exert extra efforts in offering them a variety of dishes and making them feel comfortable. Yet, this feeling of "community" seems to be lost after Ramadhan is over.  

Prophet Muhammad said, "It's not allowed for a Muslim to avoid his brother/sister for over three nights... and the best of them is the one who initiates salaam".  

Can you be the best of the two? I plan to be...

Think About It... Lets Keep The Good We've Gained in Ramadhan Goin... Inshallah !


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