Saturday, September 03, 2011

Benjamin Bixby Clothing Line To Neiman Marcus

Andre 3000 Expands Benjamin Bixby Clothing Line To Neiman Marcus

Three Stacks takes the next step with his fashion line, which launched in 2008.

Andre 3000 has always had a unique sense of fashion, and now, he’s making his own designs more available to the public.

The Outkast member has created the Benjamin Bixby clothing line, available at Neiman Marcus. The line is also described as “a little bit Benjamin Button, a tinge of Willy Wonka, with a touch of collegiate footballer thrown in for good measure.” Bixby offers “knickers,” plaid jackets and bowties for men.

Three Stacks originally revealed the line back in 2008, when he sold his designs exclusively at Barneys. "For an African-American guy to be a prep, that's a dichotomy," Dre told the New York Times at the time. "Prep style comes from mostly affluent families who just wear these cool clothes. But when you come from a background that has more struggle, your take on it will be different. There's a certain kind of rebel to it."

“Benjamin Bixby is a collection of timeless, sophisticated menswear and accessories with a nod to old-world craftsmanship, created and designed by Grammy-winning musician and actor Andre Benjamin. Made with the distinctive and confident individual in mind, Benjamin Bixby brings “rough luxury” to men’s fashion, offering a rebellious new-American edge.

A long-time collector, Benjamin created his menswear line inspired by found objects, clothing and accessories he has come across over the years. Widely recognized as a style icon and listed amongst the best-dressed men in the world, Andre Benjamin’s signature style and unique point of view are apparent throughout the high-end menswear collection.”

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