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Top 10 Fashion Staples: For Men

Most men have far more clothes than they need stuffed into their closets. Once you think about it, we really only need a handful of key pieces to seem perpetually fashionable. Here, I list the no-fail pieces that no man should ever be without. These are the items that you can buy now and wear forever, so use this list to clean out your closet, build a new wardrobe if need be, fill in any missing gaps, and achieve the ultimate in style.

Fashion Must-Haves

No.10 White linen pants

Breezy and easy to wear, loose-fit white linen pants should be a staple in every man's summer wardrobe.

How To Pair It Up: By day, these can be worn without a shirt at the beach or with a T-shirt for sightseeing while on holiday. At night, pair them with a button-down shirt and leather sandals for easy elegance.

Be Bold: Forgo the hassle of lavish wedding-day fashion and get married at an exotic destination or legendary beach in these pants.
Fashion Must-Haves

No.9 Cropped utility jacket

A thoroughly manly item, the utility jacket draws inspiration from military fashion and hunting gear. As such, it will increase your sex appeal by bringing a dominant edge to any ensemble.

How To Pair It Up: Keep things low-key. Think jeans, khakis and shorts rather than dress pants. Do feel free, however, to wear button-downs underneath it.

Be Bold:
Toss this piece into your beach bag and use it to cover up when temperatures start to drop at the end of the day.
Fashion Must-Haves

No.8 Loafers

A simple slip-on shoe, usually made from leather, loafers are daily footwear for most men with office jobs. Buy your first pair in black and then branch out to brown and even white.

How To Pair It Up: Wear loafers with cotton or wool trousers to work or with jeans for a night out.

Be Bold:
Use your loafers to inject some freshness into your ensemble by picking up a pair or two in fun colors like red, white or bright blue. To be even bolder, keep the rest of your outfit neutral, but pick out a contrasting belt.
Fashion Must-Haves

No.7 Perfect-fitting suit

Finding the suit that seems as though it was made for you is easiest if, well, it was made for you. If bespoke is out of the question, read up on your body type to figure out how to find a suit that will make you look and feel like a million dollars.

How To Pair It Up: A button-down works for most occasions, with or without a tie. For the purposes of formal wear, you'll want to swap the button-down for a French cuff dress shirt and chic cufflinks.

Be Bold: Any time you have a theme party to attend, and there's a remote chance your costume could revolve around a suit, jump on it. You'll be the most well-dressed man -- and therefore the most appealing -- in the room.
Fashion Must-Haves

No.6 Trench coat

Extremely durable and always elegant, a trench coat is practically the only coat city dwellers need in their closets.

How To Pair It Up: The only thing you should really avoid wearing with a trench coat is shorts.

Be Bold: On a weekend coffee run, don't bother changing out of your pyjamas -- just throw on your trench coat, belt it up, and suddenly you're incredibly stylish.
Fashion Must-Haves

No.5 Cardigan

The easiest sweater to use for layering, the cardigan is available in a mind-boggling array of fabrics and cuts and flatters every physique thanks to its V-shaped neck.

How To Pair It Up: At work, sub a double-breasted cardigan in a dark color for a blazer. On your free time, have fun playing around with different combinations of cardigans, T-shirts and button-downs.

Be Bold: During the dog days of summer when all you want to wear to the office is your swimsuit, try a loose-fitting white cardigan in linen or jersey to keep cool while maintaining a pulled-together look.
Fashion Must-Haves

No.4 Khakis

Equally as versatile as jeans, particularly the newer styles, khakis are great go-to pants when you want to stand out in a sea of denim or simply take things up a notch in terms of polish while still remaining relaxed.

How To Pair It Up: Roll up the cuff at the ankle by a couple of inches to make your look thoroughly modern and then throw on anything you like up top.

Be Bold:
Break out your khakis on a winter ski trip, mixing them with a chunky cable-knit sweater and rugged boots.
Fashion Must-Haves

No.3 Dark-Rinse jeans

In the last decade of men's fashion, dark-rinse jeans have replaced slacks as the daily uniform in most men's lives. To make yours work and still play hard, choose a cut that's more fitted to your body rather than baggy.

How To Pair It Up: It's really hard to get things wrong with dark-rinse jeans, so if you're searching for something to wear with that reindeer sweater your mom gave you for Christmas, you found it.

Be Bold: Tuck your jeans into beat-up boots for a casual event like a concert. For a more formal occasion, experiment with tuxedo jackets and tail coats.
Fashion Must-Haves

No.2 Navy wool blazer

Flattering on all skin tones and available in a wide range of prices, a navy wool blazer is one item you will turn to time and again to bring together an infinite number of looks.

How To Pair It Up: Use it as a final layering piece over tank tops, T-shirts, button-downs, cardigans, V-neck sweaters, and even chunky knits.

Be Bold: For a cool, weekend look perfect for a day of errand running, catching a game and evening drinks, wear your navy blazer with jeans and an untucked white button-down or a T-shirt. Then add sneakers and a fedora.
Fashion Must-Haves

No.1 White button-down

Timeless and suitable for both formal and informal settings, the white button-down is a must-have for every man's closet. Actually, you're going to need a supply of these, so once you find one you like, stock up.

How To Pair It Up: Expect this shirt to bring a little bit of class to whatever you choose to wear with it. Wear it alone with any casual or smart pants or use it as a layering piece under practically any sweater, blazer or jacket.

Be Bold: If you don't normally wear a tie to work, try one with a white button-down. It will bring a professional air to your outfit, even if you're wearing jeans. Also, men rarely wear white on white, but it's a stunning combination, particularly when a brightly colored accessory or two are thrown in. So try a white button-down with crisp white pants and a funky belt or shoes. One other bold option is to contrast the polish of a white button-down with a casual athletic piece like a track jacket.


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