Saturday, September 17, 2011 Launch Party [Stalley x Rick Ross]

Was Invited To The Launch Party At "One Hanson Place" in Brooklyn Sept. 15th 2011... 

Rick Ross Performed and So Did One of My Favorite "New" Artists (STALLEY)... As Well As A Couple Other Artist.

It Was A MAD House In There, is An Understatement... But You Know Me, I Managed To Get Back Stage, Met Some Cool Individuals and Networked My Ass Off, I Was There Rocking A One Of A Kind Paper Brown Bag Sweater That Got Crazy Attention. S/o To Stalley, Shaheem Reid, Vice and Sonny. Was A Cool Party !

Me and The Homie Stalley (My Beard is A Baby Compared To His, #Respect).
Rocking That One Of A Kind PPB Sweater. BAWSE !
Founder(s) of Vice

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