Thursday, November 10, 2011

Calligraphic Light Paintings by French Artist: Kalaam

French light calligrapher and artist Kallam has always had a passion for writing, philosophy and Hip-Hop music.  In an extension of his love for writing, Kallam started creating conventional calligraphic works from the lyrics of rap songs and other literary authors who help broaden his outlook on life.

As Kallam explored the concepts of calligraphy deeper, he began to embrace the writings of Arabic and Japanese calligraphic artists and found their styles to feel like magic to him. In his latest series of light calligraphy, Kalaam employed the help of photographer David Gallard to give us striking calligraphy that lingers in the air against the hard city and softness of nature.  Take a look at Kalaam’s work below and visit his online home for exhibitions and more of his work – HERE.


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