Saturday, December 10, 2011

Apple Store: Grand Central Station Opening

apple store grand central station opening 0 Apple Store Grand Central Station Opening
In case you thought you ever saw a lot of people waiting for a store to open, check out what went down today when Apple opened the doors to its new flagship store in New York inside Grand Central Station. Eager customers started lining up early in the morning for the opening and Apple was of course prepared, as you can see with the small army of employees that you see in their red t-shirts on the images. The store is not only one of the biggest Apple retail stores to date, but certainly an impressive one in terms of location.
“As NYC’s gateway to Connecticut, Grand Central is typically incredibly crowded during rush hour, but the enormous sunlight-filled main hall was packed to the brim today with spectators — eager customers queued up in a hallway out of view, beginning early this morning. The store itself is huge, occupying the entire east balcony and several side rooms, with a large genius bar, training area and accessory alcove at either side.”


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