Thursday, January 26, 2012

Me & My Quran: Pray For Us

I Try and Be Grateful For All and EveryThing Allah Has Blessed Me With... 

All The Things You See and Don't See.

But My Greatest Gift is... That I Was Able To Memorize The Entire Quran By Heart [in Arabic]. 

I Am Truly Thankful and Grateful To Allah For This Great and Prestigious Blessing and Accomplishment [With It Comes Many Responsibilities and Tests!]. People Request For Me To Pray For Them All The Time, But I Am Requesting EVERYONE To Pray For Me... More So The Protection of The Blessings in My Mind and Heart, and Strengthening of My Faith and Soul ! 

Thank You For Those Who Pray For Me and The Safe-Guarding Of My Quran and Thank You To All Who Inshallah [God Willing] In The Future Will Pray For Me !

Memorizing The Quran is Not an Easy Task [Took Me A Year and a Half]. But The True Tests Come Once You Complete and Go Into The World and Become Faced With Trails and Tribulations of All Sorts... Shaitan [Satan] Knows The Huge Blessing That is With In Your Heart and Tries EVERYTHING To Knock You Off Your Block and Make You Stumble. 

Those Who Memorized The Quran Are Like "Walking Quran's".

Anyways... The Purpose of This Post is Just To Say " Please Make Dua [Pray] For Me, My Family, My Success, My Faith, My Religion, My Friends, and Specifically... PLEASE Pray For The Protection of The Words of Allah in My Heart'.
Thank You, -Is[Smile]-


Yumnah N. said...

Alhumdulilah--this is a beautiful and inspiring post! I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Shukran for sharing.

Um Jihaad said...

O Allah, bless and protect Ismail and his Quran...and make it a light and a guidance and a mercy for him. O Allah let him remember Your Book and not forget it and learn from it and not be heedless of it...and provide him the ability to recite it night and day...and make the Quran a witness in his favor...ameen Allahumma ameen

Calligrafist said...

Jazkallah Khair !!! Ameen, I Really Appreciate The Dua Um Jihaad. You Always Make Those Powerful Dua's For Me ! Mashallah.

Thank You Yumnah, I am thankful !


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