Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Muhammad Ali - "The Greatest" Boxer of All Time !

Today the legend that is Muhammad Ali turns seventy. 

 The conviction and courage Muhammad Ali has shown throughout his life continues to inspire millions of
people around the world.

Ali’s work to promote respect, hope and understanding,
has empowered adults and children everywhere to be as great as they can be !
It can be argued that it was actually outside the ring that Ali accomplished his greatest work. As a man of thought, moral stature and humanitarian goodwill, his eloquent words carried great weight. As a tireless campaigner for racial and social justice, his stance was always noble and dignified. His was the indomitable, lion-hearted spirit of both noble warrior and compassionate, loving human being, deeply offended by injustice and wishing to right the wrongs of the world. It was even said that in his prime during the 1970s, Ali’s was the most familiar face on earth. Not bad for someone who started out life as a poor black boy from the wrong side of the tracks in Jim Crow-era Kentucky.
Ali was a man of huge integrity. In today’s tawdry world, that word carries little weight or even meaning. But in opposing the Vietnam war in 1967 (an unpopular stance which saw him stripped of his world title and barred from fighting for three and a half years when he was in his prime), Ali resolutely stood up for what he believed in and, despite great personal hardship, remained true to his convictions.

His boxing exploits undeniably electrified the planet, and in so doing, afforded him the ultimate platform for his views. But it was his civil rights rhetoric and his trenchant critiques of the bigotry of white America which made the world listen up and take note of the wrong-doings in his country.
Frail: The elderly Ali is still determined to fulfil his champion's role
Moreover, as a redeemer of traduced dignity to black people the world over, Ali was not only a bona fide sporting legend, but a human icon to countless millions. He single-handedly restored dignity and pride to the black race at a time when, in the face of constant white oppression, it needed it most. There is a generation of black men in America and Britain right now walking tall who owe their self-respect and sense of self-esteem in no small part to the actions of Muhammad Ali. Watching those Ali fights in the 60s and 70s enabled a whole generation of downtrodden people to go to school the following day and deal with the taunts and racist abuse.

Muhammad Ali engaging in some of his famous trash talk

Muhammad Ali powerful quotes

Muhammad Ali 70th Birthday Celebration [Via - AlJazeera]

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Happy Birthday To "The Greatest".


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