Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stalley – Volley Express f. Scar

And Here We Have The Eighth and FINAL Track From Stalley's "Songs By Me, Stalley" Series... Now All We Gotta Do is Wait For Stalley To Reach 50K Followers on Twitter To Get A Date For "Savage Journey To The American Dream".

This an original song featuring Scar, over Block Beattaz production.


Mu: "REAL DETROIT" Magazine

Detroit and Surrounding Areas !!! Be Sure You Pick Up The [BEST Of EDITION] of "REAL DETROIT" Magazine in Stores TODAY [Feb 29th], Which features "Mu" as "Best HIP HOP ARTIST" In The CITY!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We Act as Though Comfort and Luxury Were The Chief Requirements of Life, When All That We Need to Make us Really Happy is Something to Be Enthusiastic About...

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Monday, February 27, 2012

"Marley" Trailer

From Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald [One Day In September, The Last King of Scotland] comes the story of a towering figure of musical, songwriting, activism, leadership and philanthropy history, whose music and message has transcended different cultures, languages and creeds to resonate around the world today as powerfully as when he was alive.

"MARLEY" made its world premiere at the Berlin Film festival this month followed by its North American premiere at SXSW. Magnolia Pictures will release theatrically and on VOD on Friday, April 20th.

Stalley at Dominion [NYC]

Last Tuesday Stalley [and Others] Tore The Stage Down at Dominion... What Was Dope Was I Was on Stage With Him and Enjoying EVERY Minute of It [Who gets to be on stage with one of their favorite artists??? Me]. O and Yea These Are The Pictures, Stay tuned for The Videos Soon.

Kris Kasanova Was Dope Too.

Check Out The Rest of The Pictures on My Facebook Page !


Friday, February 24, 2012

Savage Journey to the American Dream Photoshoot [Video]

We still don’t have a date [About 2k followers to go), MMG releases some behind-the-scenes footage of Stalley’s photoshoot with Ryan Mikail for the project’s cover art.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Breakfast Club: DMX Interview

DMX, One of The REALEST Interviews and Artist !!! A TRUE LEGEND.

CIGM Photo Shoot [Detroit]

I Was in Highland Park/Detroit This Past Weekend and Did an Impromptu Shoot For My C.I.G.M. Family... This is The Beginning of My "Photography By: Calligrafist Series !" .

Not Bad For A New First Time Photographer Huh?

© 2012 Ismail Sayeed •

 To See The Rest, Go To My Facebook Page CIGM Photo Shoot.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prada Wingtip Derby Sneakers

Prada Wingtip Derby Sneakers
Prada goes the sneaker/wingtip fusion route with these newly released calf leather Wingtip Derby sneakers. With 5 colors and some two-toned and all tonal pairs. I'm not the biggest Prada fan, but these definitely catch my eye. I bet they’re comfortable, too.

Early Birthday Gift??? [May 14th]


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stalley: "Midnight Satori"

And You thought Stalley was done dropping free music? Nope, not at all. Today he releases another track for his Songs by Me, Stalley series, produced by Block Beattaz.

Don't forget Stalley will drop the date for  Savage Journey to the American Dream when he gets 50,000 followers on twitter.


Yuna - Live Your Life [VIDEO]

Video For Yuna's "Live Your Life". [This Chick is Sooo DOPE !!]

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friqi Fridays: Respect My Fresh

Come Through and Support [I'll Be There] !

Follow The Host and CEO of Friqi Fashions Mack Al-Afriqi.

CheckOut The Event Here.


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Every Individual Has Three Characters - That Which He/She Exhibits, That Which He/She Has, & That Which He/She Thinks He/She Has...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stalley - "Mind Made Up"

Savage Journey to the American Dream has a date… We’ll find out exactly when it drops once he reaches 50,000 followers on twitter. Until that drops, listen to this “Songs By Me, Stalley” entry featuring production from the other half of The Neptunes [Mr. Hugo].

Download Here


K’naan – Nothing to Lose f. Nas [Video]

Visual for “Nothing to Lose” off the More Beautiful Than Silence EP. From Queensbridge to T.O., K'naan Shows Em What's Up !

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stalley: "87 Regal"

Previously I posted about Stalley's Series “Songs By Me, Stalley.”

Here's his latest Track " Stalley – ’87 Regal". 

Savage Journey to the American Dream is coming soon.

Cruising Music !


Stalley: Show At Dominion [Feb 21st]

I'm Gonna Be There, Are You ?

Get Your Tickets Here:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Lupe Fiasco ! [30yrs Today]

I Would Like To Wish My Favorite Artist Lupe Fiasco A Happy Birthday [He Turned The Big 3-o Today] ! May Allah Continue To Bless You With Success and The Ability To Speak Up For What's Right, Speak Against The Wrongs and Make Music That Inspires Individuals To Take A Stand ! 

Happy Birthday Lu !

FNF Up !


Air Jordan: White/Cement IV's

In a lil less than two days [The 18th], the long-awaited, highly-anticipated Air Jordan IV ‘White/Cement’ will finally hit retailers after a twelve year absence. This is a look at the 2012 retro, which will undoubtedly induce long lines, lighter wallets and over drawn bank accounts by Saturday morning.

Air Jordan IV White/Cement   On Feet Images
Air Jordan IV White/Cement   On Feet Images
Air Jordan IV
White/Black-Cement Grey


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Many of Life's Circumstances are Created by Three Basic Choices: The Disciplines You Choose To Live by, The Individuals You Chose to Associate With... and The Laws You Choose to Obey. 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brother Ali – ‘The Bite Marked Heart’ [Free EP]

Brother Ali released a seven track free EP the masses yesterday, just in time for Valentine’s day. Five tracks are produced by Jake One while the other two are done by Ant.

Download Here !


Monday, February 13, 2012

My Beautiful Mommy

Every Year I Do Something For My Mommy's Birthday [February 13th], and This Year is No Different [Last Year I Wrote A Short Poem] I'm Doing an Art Piece Dedicated To Her and Her Beauty.

My Mother is The Most Beautiful Woman I Have Ever Met, Inwardly and Outwardly ! She is Someone I Truly Miss and Love With ALL of My Heart and Mind !

May Allah Rest Her Beautiful and Kind Soul ! 

Art Via - Calligrafy

Touré Interviews Lupe Fiasco & J. Cole’s Moms

J.Cole and Lupe Fiasco brought their "Mom Dukes" with them to this year’s Grammy's ceremony. Touré caught up with the families for a brief interview [Fuse]. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Freeway “Master Of Ceremony” [Video]

Speak It ! Karmaloop Music & Rocksmith have partnered with Philly Freezer for an upcoming an upcoming project "Freedom of Speech" and here’s the first offering produced by Mike Jerz. Video directed by Mike Tom Larkin.


Brother Ali – Shine On [prod. Jake One] [Video]

Now This is a Story !!! Respect To Brother Ali... Video Fits The Song To A T.
Brother Ali is dropping a "Freelease", The Bite Marked Heart, this Monday [February 13th].

Download song for FREE:
The Bite Marked Heart - dropping Monday, February 13th.

Directed by Dave Wilson. DP: Ryan Thompson. Gaffer: Dave Underhill. Producer/AD: John Cromwell. Featuring: Liv Meadows. Shot On Location at Heidi's Restaurant.

Friday, February 10, 2012

J Dilla Print, By: Dale Edwin Murray

Today marks the 6th anniversary of J Dilla’s passing. To celebrate the life, work, and legacy of the legendary producer, UK illustrator Dale Edwin Murray released his latest Hip Hop Head print, which is now for sale online for £25.


Thursday, February 09, 2012

Courage & Confidence

It Takes More Courage to Expose Insecurities Than to Hide Them, More Strength to Relate to People Than to Dominate Them, More "ManHood" to Abide by ThoughtOut Principles Rather Than Blind Reflex... Toughness is in The Soul and Spirit, Not in Muscles and An Immature Mind !


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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Stalley – BCGMMG [Prod. Block Beattaz]

Stalley is back with his ”Songs By Me, Stalley” series.  And just like the Past Songs, this one is DOPE and LYRICAL ! Savage Journey to the American Dream coming soon.

"Stalley will unveil the release date when he reaches 50,000 followers on twitter."


The 15 Richest Living Artists

15 richest living artists The 15 Richest Living Artists
Last week I heard about David Choe being paid  in 2005 in stock by Facebook, for painting murals in their offices. That stock might become worth 200 Million USD, after Facebook’s IPO and official stock market listing. Complex took a look at the richest living artists, and it is interesting to see where Choe ranks in there now.

Here is the complete list:
  1. Damien Hirst – 1 Billion USD
  2. Jeff Koons – 500 Million USD
  3. Jasper Johns – 300 Million USD
  4. David Choe – 200 Million USD
  5. Andre Vicari – 142 Million USD
  6. Takashi Murakami – 100 Million USD
  7. Anish Kapoor – 85 Million USD
  8. Antony Gormley – 50 Million USD
  9. Gerhard Richter – 40 Million USD
  10. David Hockney – 40 Million USD
  11. Cindy Sherman – 35 Million USD
  12. Richard Prince – 30 Million USD
  13. Andreas Gursky – 30 Million USD
  14. Chuck Close – 25 Million USD
  15. Georg Baselitz – 25 Million USD
For background on each one of the artists, check the full article over at Complex.


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

UNDERWRAPS Agency Launch

Nailah Lymus, the Brooklyn-based fashion designer behind Amirah Creations , announced that she will be launching a modeling agency during New York Fashion Week. Known for breaking barriers as a Muslim female fashion designer, Lymus has decided to extend her brand and make history by launching UNDERWRAPS, the first global agency representing Muslim female fashion models. UNDERWRAPS’ roster will debut in a fashion showcase presented by Amirah Creations on February 11th.

As a Muslim Women who has also worked in the Fashion Industry, I observe a heavy Muslim influence in all areas of fashion,” Nailah Lymus said. “Designers, photography, editorials all displaying inspirations from Muslim fashion. I feel there is a need to shine the light on Muslim women who have been some of the originators of trend setting modest fashion for years. I'm bringing Muslims to mainstream-- covered is the new couture.

Islam has had a strong influence in the fashion industry for years with stylings gracing such coveted magazine covers as Vogue as well as providing inspiration for noteworthy collections including Victoria Beckham’s Fall/Winter 2012 line. Islamic models have also brought diversity to the catwalk including recent stars Hanaa Ben Abdesslem (Tunisian) and Hindi Sahlial (Moroccan). Representing a seasoned roster, each model brings a modest yet genuine professional attitude combined with an ethical sensibility that “works.” UNDERWRAPS is creating a fusion of inclusion—marrying the best of both the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds.

The Amirah Creations show featuring the models from UNDERWRAPS will take place on February 11th beginning at 6:30pm at Rare NYC, 317 Church Street in Tribeca (New York city).

For press and VIP inquiries, please contact Tamara Walker at 347.827.1284 or via email at


Nailah Lymus, a clothing and accessory designer since 2004 has nourished her deep hunger for all things fashion at the youthful age of seven using her God given talent to accentuate the natural allure of the woman. Being a self taught designer equipped Ms. Lymus with all of the poise needed to showcase her gift amongst more seasoned designers. Recently showing at NYC Fashion Week 2011 and featured in Couture Fashion Week 2011 Lymus has established her name in the Fashion industry. Now combining both of her passions (modesty and fashion) Lymus is launching the FIRST Muslim Female Model Agency merging the best of both worlds.


UNDERWRAPS is the FIRST global agency representing the Muslim Female Fashion Model.
A seasoned roster, each model brings a modest, genuine, smart, savvy, professional attitude, combined with an ethical sensibility that makes "it work".

Influencing the fashion industry for years, Muslim fashion has graced the covers of coveted magazines such as Vogue and has been providing inspiration for noteworthy designers from early on. UNDERWRAPS is creating a fusion of Inclusion—creating the best of both worlds.

For more information, visit


Monday, February 06, 2012

Harun Beaded Bracelets and Necklaces for Boylston Trading Company

Previously I posted about Yasiin Bey [Mos Def] Introducing Harun -No.7- , Now here we have Boylston Trading Company interviewing the founder of Harun International Chace Infinite.


Boylston Trading Company partners with Harun International on an exclusive bead accessory capsule. Made with 4mm and 8mm natural Jade, Red Jasper, Matte Onyx and Lapis, each bracelet and necklace is available in limited quantities. 

Harun is based out of New York City and specialize in rare oils and bead accessories. 

Boylston Trading Co Presents 'Harun' from Boylston Trading Co.

Available now at



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