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Relationship With The Quran in Ramadhan

Asalaamu Alaikum [Peace]...

I hope everyone is having a Blessed Ramadhan thus far,

The month of Ramadhan is a time when we, despite the many struggles, keep ourselves away from that which is otherwise permissible and a necessity in our life. For the past eleven months, at some level we have given preference to our physical self, in terms of nourishment, than our soul. We’ve done things we shouldn’t have, we’ve probably neglected some duties towards Allah [God] that we shouldn’t have. Maybe we haven’t been reciting much of the Quran or maybe we’ve been neglecting some of the Salaah [prayers].

 This month is a time when Allah [God] commands us to limit our physical nourishment and instead focus on the spiritual – in order to give life to our hearts and fix and improve our spiritual state. This is the time to rise up and acknowledge our deficiencies during the past months and resolve to move ahead with the aim to improve our relationship with Allah [God], with the Quran [His Book], and put what his Messenger Muhammad ﷺ [peace be upon him] said and lived into our personal and daily lives.

Ramadhan, is designed as a whole to bring our hearts/souls back to life... allowing the light of taqwah [God-consciousness] to illuminate itself within us. The fasting during the day reminds us that our purpose in life isn’t merely to satisfy the desires of our Nafs [Self] and this reminder leads us to focus instead on feeding our soul. We should instead fill our hearts with the light of the Quran...

Allah says in the Quran,


The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion…” [Chapter and Verse, 2:185]

 The interesting thing to note about this ayah [verse], is that Allah at the mention of Ramadhan didn’t speak about fasting first. When we think about Ramadhan, what comes to our mind immediately ??? Usually, our first thought is fasting right ??? But we find that Allah instead couples Ramadhan firstly with the Quran as if to say that Ramadhan’s FIRST and FOREMOST role in our lives should be to increase our relationship with the Quran and only then does He follow it with the command to fast in the month. The goal of fasting is taqwah [God-Consciousness], but what actually allows us to establish taqwah into our lives if not the Quran? 

So the logical step for us is that we need to try and prepare ourselves towards establishing a relationship with the Book of Allah. As mentioned earlier, fasting trains us to empty our hearts and souls from desires and aspires towards a loftier goal and that goal can only be achieved with the "soul food" that the Quran provides.

In Conclusion:

1. Let’s try and set some goals for ourselves with regards to the Quran. 

2. If we don’t know how to read it correctly, let’s try to learn. 

3. If we don’t recite it often, let us take the time out everyday to recite. 

4. If we are already reciting, then we can try and add some more or increase the frequency. 

If we listen to music in our iPods, in our cars and on the way to school or work, then let’s empty our hearts and devices from music and instead try and fill it up with the Quran for this month. 

Let’s begin to reflect upon the guidance in the Quran and try to internalize the lessons therein. 

Let’s aim to set a powerful foundation for the Quran in our lives by which we can establish routines that will allows us to begin a functional relationship with the Quran in Ramadhan and continue it thereafter so that once the devils are let out, we have a solid defense mechanism, taqwah, within our hearts to help us. 

After all, this is the month of the Quran and that necessitates that we give special attention to this Book during the month. Our aim should be to build this relationship, not just for the 30 days of Ramadan but rather setting a strong, deep, unshakeable foundation and stepping stone for a relationship that will flourish for the next eleven months and subsequently our entire lives. 

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