Friday, August 17, 2012

Ramadhan is Coming to an End !!!

Sadly Ramadhan is Coming to an End !

Allah has blessed us to live to see another Holy Month, we must ask ourselves what have we done to show gratitude and appreciation to him for this month and the many many more blessings he has bestowed upon us.

So As we approach the end of the Blessed Month of Ramadhan--a special time for seeking Allah's mercy and forgiveness--I urge you and myself to continue to take advantage of this opportunity by spending these last few days and nights in doing those deeds that will earn the greatest reward.  As we continue to pray for, hope for and expect Allah's mercy...let us also pray for Allah's mercy on the less fortunate...wherever they are.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said - "Visit the sick, feed the hungry, and free the captive."

May Allah (swt) accept your fasting and prayers 
 and reward all your  good deeds.

We must also keep in mind, as Imam Khalid Latif mentioned in the last post "Carrying on the lessons of Ramadhan"... 

"If this Ramadan you learned you can live without an addiction or substance, don't go back to it. If you found yourself volunteering or doing service work, keep doing it. If you got accustomed to giving in charity, keep giving it. If you invited people to your homes, keep bringing people together. If you frequented the mosque, keep going. If you took the time to sit and reflect, to tend to your needs and take care of your heart, to reconcile the past so that your future would be brighter, then keep it up. Ramadan is a special time, but there are ways to carry it with you. You will be the one that decides if it gets left behind."

Allah's Messenger [Peace Be Upon Him] and Islam Teaches Us That, if we are blessed to 
see a Ramadhan and we do not receive Allah forgiveness at the end of it, we are SURELY losers !!! Ramadhan is here so we can be winners, not losers, so lets take full advantage of the remaining days and buckle down !

This month of Ramadhan is a month of Quran, that doesn't mean when the month is gone so is the Quran we read and time we took out EVERY day to read it ! One of the many goals of Ramadhan is to use it as a stepping stone for the rest of the year... so don't drop the ball ! 

In Islam we have a value that is called ihsan, which is derived from a root that denotes beauty, and can be translated with that understanding in a lot of different ways. Its definition is given to us by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, when he says 

"(Ihsan) is to worship God as if you can see Him. Because you understand although you cannot see Him, that He can see you."

This is to motivate us to strive to do our best no matter what the situation is and not be lax in doing so. To honor the rights that the rest of creation has over us by reminding us that even if no other eyes are on us, the eyes of the Divine are always there. To beautify and perfect our actions and decisions, from the inward and outward, and perform each to the best of our ability. Islam does not teach us to take a quantified approach to our faith, rather it teaches us to take a qualified approach. It's not about how much you do, but how you do what you do. I would argue its also about doing things that you know you can do
Allah says this month is about attaining Taqwa [Fear and awareness of Allah]... have we done that ?

As many of us are completing the Quran we must also remember that the Dua [Supplication] at the completion of the Quran is ACCEPTED by Allah ! so don't be shy in asking, begging and crying before your lord for that which you need and desire, for he will SURELY grant it to you, in this life or the next !

In "Ending" this month is not only that we give up food, drink and base desires during the Day... this month is that we better ourselves as individuals, Muslims, Families, Communities and a Nation, lets take what we have learned during this month and translate it into our daily lives and that of those around us... be they Muslim or not. we should be examples for others... Good and Positive Examples !

May Allah Accept all of our Fasts and Actions during this HOLY month of Ramadhan and forgive us our sins [of every kind].



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