Saturday, August 04, 2012

Ramadhan Reflection: First 15 Days

Sooo half of Ramadhan is gone and we are entering the second half, I want to share a couple reflections/thoughts/ from Ramadhan thus far...
 Man do these Africans feed me like I'm the skinniest child in the village... SHEEESH !!! [LOL]. You should see the amounts of food they give me, It's crazy. then they "try" to make me eat some "white, creamy, lumpy, porridge like substance... #pause, to break my fast, but that's a NO go ! the other day they gave me FIVE pieces of chicken, along with rice and lamb 0_O [They gotta chill], so yea I've gained weight !!! 

But do I waste anything... ??? Nope, it's Ramadhan and I refuse to waste food when there are less fortunate people out there.

One thing I LOVE about Africans is their good hearts... it's a beautiful thing... Very inviting People !

So far this has been an extremely excellent Ramadhan for me, learning new things about myself, strengthening my Quran [this is the BEST time for a Hafidh], and just clearing my mind/thoughts/head of all the smog and negativity that the past year has accumulated.

I have been gettin "NOOO" [AKA any] sleep ! *Rubs eyes Vigorously*

O and yea... I HATE being touched... everyone wants to hug and grab me, especially after I lead Taraweeh [Night Prayer], I guess as a means of saying "Good Job". It just annoys the **** out of me ! Shaking my hand is cool... Cuz I sorta have to, *Shrugs* Ha !

One thing that has been happening to me since the day before Ramadhan began is... EPIC Dreams !!! My dreams have been cinematic, descriptive, book/movie worthy... and to top it all off, I remember Everything. Look for some "writings" to come out of it.

All in all I'm truly thankful for this Ramadhan, one of my best [Last Year Was Better, but still have 15 days to go, so we will see]. Have been able to spend much more time with my Qur'an [which is always a plus, I've finished my personal Khatam (Complete Reading of The Quran) 2times, not including Taraweeh]. This is a time when I try my best to better myself in every way possible and I feel I'm on the right path Inshallah [God Willing].

Looking forward to the second half !



Verinique Cooper said...

Alhamdulilah, Sounds wonderful! may Allah accept your fasts, prayers and dua's! I must say this has been THEE best Ramadan for myself thus far! Being in a different country while fasting ...masha'allah. I wake up to a group of sisters from all over the country for suhoor, listen to 4 athans going off for Fajr, have iftars at different Turkish families homes, and eat every bit of the food because it is rude to say you dont like it and also Sunnah to eat everything on your plate! Throughout the day learning new surahs and learning the lives of the prophets and all the wonderful aspects of this beautiful religion! Tarweeh outside with a breeze and beautiful recitiation of the Quran! much much Dhikr and Dua! mashallah it has been wonderful , the last days will be in America and Insha'allah the spiritual level will be the same or higher :) 15 days story !

Calligrafist said...

Ameen, From Us All...

Sounds Like an awesome experience...

Gonna Be Gone Soon, Take Advantage of it !



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