Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NYFW: SBFW [Small Boutique Fashion Week]

This Past Weekend I Had The Pleasure of Attending The SBFW [Small Boutique Fashion Week] Show at The Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan... Numerous DOPE Designers, Stylists and "Creators".

In The Above Picture is YasmineYasmine [Scarf and Wardrobe Stylist] Enjoying Fashion Week.

 Photographers Bout to Capture The Moment[s].

The DOPEST Model From That Day to Me !!! She KILLED That Show... Much Respect to Her, She's Accompanied By Her Mom in This Pic !

 YasmineYasmine and One of The Designers Trisha Well...

YasmineYasmine and The Designer of Fashions by Vel-j-re' in a Conversation. Network !

Straight KILLED it !!!

One of The Designers Doin His Finale Walk With 2 of The Models !

Still KILLIN it !!!

And I'm Out!

Candy Rock Couture By: Harmony Corbett

Fashions by Vel-j-re' By: Bunnie Benton

Via - MY Instagram !

View The Rest Here.


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