Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review of Melba's Harlem... [Not a Good Experience]

This Past Weekend Was Interesting on So Many Levels... The Plan Was to Wake Up at 7am on Saturday and Head to Queen and Get Some Kicks With My Boy "Jah", But That Was Cancelled Because of Rowdy Individuals. 

Then I Get a Call From My Brother Mikail to Go Get Breakfast at This Spot in Harlem Named "Melba's", I Had Never Heard of It [But Jah and Mikail are Chefs, So They Heard Good Things About it].

From The Outside it Very Simple, When We Get Inside it's a Cool Ambiance and Comfortable. We Were Greeted and  Seated [Mind You I'm With 3 Experienced Chefs... Mikail, Khalid and Jah],

We Heard The Chicken and Waffles Were Great [Was on The Food Network], Seeing I Only Eat Halal Food I Ordered Catfish and Waffles... Everyone Else Ordered What They Order [Chicken and Waffles, Turkey Bacon, Eggs, Omelets, Spanish... etc].

We Get into Conversation and Then We Realize 2 Tables Get Their Food Before Us [30mins After We Ordered], We Look Around and Our Waiter "Thomas" is No Where to Be Seen [Didn't Check on The Table Once After He Took Our Orders]. Then Another Table Gets Food, Then We Begin to Complain. 40minutes Later He Comes and Says "Ummm The Receipts Got Mixed Up and Your Food Will Be Here Soon"...], We Look at One Another With The "C'mon Son Face" and Say Ok. 

As You Can Assume He Never Comes Back... Over Walks The Manager Sandra, and She Says "Anyone Would Like a Mimosa or Anything...", My Brother Mikail Says "It's Free Right". She Says "I'm Over Here Right?". I Don't Drink So I Say "Can You Make Me a Special Virgin Drink"... LMAOOO, She Comes Back and Brings Me and Jah "Mango Juice From a Carton, I Kid You Not... With a Splash of Canned Orange Juice... We Added HALF our Glasses of Water to Make it "Better".] Hilarious !!!

So Finally Our Food Comes... Man O Man, Did The "Chefs" Have a lot to Say. 
Khalid Didn't Get His Food, They Added Some NASTY Sweet Potato Fries to All of Our Plates as an "Extra", My Catfish Was OK, The Best Thing Was The EggNog Waffles... But They Were Small and Not Filling.

Anyway Below Are Pictures With Captions... This Was THEE WORST Restaurant Experience of My Life !

Catfish and Waffles... Waffles Were Small, but Tasty. Catfish Was More Like Whiting. I Like Fish So it Was Doable.
as You Can See, No Syrup on My Plate, Had to Ask for it.
LOL, My Bro Showing How Much Oil They Put in The Spinach He Ordered... SMH !
This Guy is a FOOL.
This Spinach, See The Oil Under The Bowl and STILL in The Bowl.
The "Special" Drink I Asked For... Wasn't So Special.
Anyone Who Knows Me, Knows I Don't Waste Food, Just Couldn't Finish it... Sweet Potato Fries Weren't Good.
Eggs Were Ok, Asked For Pepper Jack Cheese and it Wasn't Cooked in. Just a Couple Strips on Top.
Cracked Cup, Very Unsanitary and a Health Violation.
Chipped Plate, Def Not Safe... Coulda Cut MySelf.
Thomas Never Came Back to Refill My Water After The 2HRs We Were There... Peep The Unfinished Drink Behind it. 
Nice Presentation... But All I Ordered Was Eggs.

I'm a Very Easy Person to Please and Allow a lot to Slide... But When it Comes to Customer Service and Food, They're are Limits ! and This Was WAY Beyond The Limits and I HAD to Blog About it.

I Will Say Sandra [The Manager, Was Very Helpful and Comped Our Meals and Encouraged Us to Not Let This Be The Last Time We Come and This Give it a Second Chance... Which We Will Next Week For Dinner].

The Things is I'm Only One Person Speaking About Their Experience... It Was 4 of U, So Imagine What They Have to Say as Chefs !!!

You Never Know Who You're Serving, Your Service Has to Always Be on Point, No Matter What it is You're Doing.

O and I Ended Up Spending $900+ On Sneakers and Custom Clothing at Atmos, PaperBrownBag and 21 Mercer to Make MySelf Feel Better... [Pics on My Instagram].


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Preseverance said...

Oh man you all shouldnt have eatten the food. And the news spoke about wrong labeling of fish so you think it was whiting it is. But anyway lets see how dinner will be. Bon Appetit!


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