Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Vantage Point [EP]: HazAli

Here is The New EP from HazAli [FortheLovers Music]

Awesome Producer and Writer, Checkout his Recent Project Vantage Point.

 On soundcloud listeners can download songs exclusively created for the music social site
on bandcamp you can purchase the deluxe edition which includes over 20 tracks.

Also below is the thank you note that goes with this project. It will give a idea of how this EP was created.

In the summer of 2009, I released my first project, without a dollar to my name or a person to cosign me. I jumped in the fire head first. Only a handful of people downloaded the project. It was my first time out so perhaps people felt  compelled to say nice things, instead of what they really felt. Five months later, I released R&B Collections Vol. 2, which totally bombed!  Not even 200 people downloaded this mix tape. However, because I was becoming more active with my music, producers and music heads were listening. A very close friend who believed in my music, took the project to an esteemed producer. He told her candidly that I needed a lot of work, that basically I wasn't ready! He was right! All my life I worked hard at trying to sound like the next man. My confidence in making music was at an all time low. After a long talk with my sisters, they encouraged me to stay positive and continue working on my craft. After this awakening, I started to see music differently, I 
approached it from an angle that I never knew existed inside of me. From that moment on, my music became my life, it became my vantage point.
The process of making this project was a very difficult one, not just musically, but spiritually and emotionally. The road to completing this project was a also very long one. These songs contain my joy, my pain, my faults, my gains. This EP is my life. I hope this project allows you to step into my world, and view life from my eyes.
A special "I OWE YOU" to my queen, Rashidah Mendez, who has helped me find my sound and who has been very patient with me through this music thang! You, of all people, know how hard this lifestyle is. I appreciate everything—supporting the late 
sessions, taking care of our beautiful family, and being my number one fan! This one's for you!
Hasna, Zara & Zaina, Daddy loves you. I hope when you listen to this project, when you all are a bit older, and an understanding of what I mean by "work hard and stay 
focused" manifests. Hopefully you girls will internalize the content, allowing it to serve as a road map through some of life's obstacles. I love all of you.
To my mother, Salwa Abdus-Salaam,  who returned back to Allah when I was 8 years old. You planted the seed of music in me. Watching you enjoy music at a very young age, catalyze this adventure! I miss you immensely and I constantly pray for you. Inshallah I will see you again.
To my father, I thank you for every conversation, every word that helped me become a better man. You have always pushed me to do well, whatever my passion was. I realize your spiritual guidance has helped me beyond words through the process of creating this EP. I can never repay you for your diligence as a father. So, thank you and I love you.
To my family, thank you for being there! You guys are my support, my backbone, my everything! I appreciate everyone of you, and you all hold a special place in my heart.
To my fans, thank you for every download , every comment, every show you attended, thank you for supporting my passion. You all are the reason I work harder and harder everyday. We (the lovers) all have come a long way! So this is a great day, not just for music, but for what we stand for! I thank you all for going down this road with me!
To my music family--Siaira Shawn, Five Eighty, Lady J, Denise Cotton, Brittani Gravely, Rodamental, Ruby, Jamila Best, DigMarie, Janine Carter, Elliott Monroe, Dot The One, 
Diomara Delvalle, Mark B, JB, Lanice,  Sumayya Ali, Amir Suliman, FranAM, Racharm, 
Soforeal Productions, Jordan, Nate, AK Killah, Amjay, CeeJay, Talia Moncion, Dana Blocker, DJ Camper, Mike Nelson, DJ Chemist, Elvis Bryan, Essel Jay, Eva Williams, Fly Nate, Fresh, Habibah Ahmad, Hobi Klapuri, JacQ, Joe Swag, John Legacy, Killer Dudes, Lershaun O'Brien, Lexx, Melissa Roth, Mo Brown, Ryo, Sarah Rebekah, EsMari, Sharmelle Hunte, Shelly Shabazz, Suhailah Rivera, MAI, Vivian LuXX, and Wayne Oliver--thank you for all the inspiration you have given me throughout the years! I admire each and every one of you for what you offer to the music world. I appreciate you and I am blessed to have you on my side!
Via- Haz

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