Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Custom Camouflaged Dunks, By: FlyKickz

The Homie FlyKickz Recently Finished Her Custom Camouflaged Dunks...

Her Work is Crisp, Clean and Dope. As a True Artist Does She Dwells on The Concepts and Take Her Time to Create a Fresh and Unique Piece of Art, With Kicks [Sneakers] Being Her Canvas of Choice !

I Watched Her as She Created These Camo Kicks Via Her IG "FlyKickz"

Watch The Video and FindOut Why They're Called "Camouflaged".

Check Her Website and Support Her...

Check My Previous Post Here.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Belief x Possibility

An Individual Often Becomes What He/She Believes Him/Herself to Be... If I Keep on Saying to MySelf That I CanNot Do a Certain Thing, it is Possible That I May End By Really Becoming Incapable of Doing it. On The Contrary, if I Have The Belief That I Can Do it, I Shall Surely Acquire The Capacity to Do it Even if I May Not Have it at The Beginning...


Monday, January 21, 2013

Up close with June Ambrose by: Yasmine Yasmine [Article]

Up close with June Ambrose: The celebrity stylist shares her secrets! By: Yasmine Yasmine

June Ambrose on why she posts so many pictures and comments on her social media sites: ‘I am the Anna Wintour of my page.’
 June Ambrose on why she posts so many pictures and comments on her social media sites: ‘I am the Anna Wintour of my page.’ Credit:

Wednesday night [1/16/13], in a style that made it difficult to believe that you were not her bestfriend dishing over a quart of ice cream, June Ambrose, arguably one of the
most influential women in fashion, sat down to share her most intimate thoughts on
fashion, business, media and more.

With rolled up sleeves, the celebrity stylist unpacked real stories behind what appears to be a glamorously charmed life, revealing that her first name is really June Marie. And that was just the beginning…

June Ambrose on styling being a shortcut to becoming a celebrity: ‘Without good work there is no celebrity.’
June Ambrose on styling being a shortcut to becoming a celebrity: ‘Without good work there is no celebrity.’ Credit:

What people may be surprised to know is that June did not haphazardly stumble
into the world of fashion; rather it was a calculated, hard fought decision
borne of a childhood spent dodging bottles lobbed at her by local philistines
frightened by her foreign culture and even more foreign fashion sense. Later in
life, June encountered similar resistance to her sartorial choices when her
boss deemed her efforts towards "reinventing the corporate America look" via
the mixing of plaid skirts and boots with office ecrus and grays as "unacceptable."

June Ambrose on handling her business as a stylist: ‘The first thing I did was get a tax ID. I got incorporated!’
 June Ambrose on handling her business as a stylist: ‘The first thing I did was get a tax ID. I got incorporated!’ Credit:

Armed with the brains that earned her the title of salutatorian, an entrepreneurial
spirit she credits to her West Indian heritage and a passion for fashion, June
Ambrose went into business for herself. Legitimately. So that her hardworking,
single mother could respect her decision as a real career move. "The first
thing I did was get a tax ID. I got incorporated!"

And incorporate she did, incorporating costume design into the urban aesthetic via Hype Williams productions and celebrities into fashion marketing campaigns for
Karl Kani & Cross Colours. When speaking about Hype, a legendary video and
film director, June casually mentioned that she "...knew Hype as the guy who
painted walls. He was a graffiti artist." She continued on to share that she "...worked
with Jay-Z from inception" with a wistfulness that seemed to hint at a
nostalgia for the early years of hip hop when creativity was currency and
celebrity was a serendipitous side effect, not a goal.

Indeed, June’s voice took on a more serious tone when she spoke on her dual role as a
stylist and a celebrity starring in her own show. "I have to do the
celebrity things and then go back and tie my clients’ shoes." For those who may
consider styling as a shortcut to fame June cautioned that "without good work
there is no celebrity," which is true even of herself and is why she still gets
nervous with new projects, and continues to work 18 hour days.

June Ambrose on what happened when she brought only one look to style an entire music video: ‘We made it work!’
June Ambrose on what happened when she brought only one look to style an entire music video: ‘We made it work!’ Credit:

Hard work and heavyweight connections alone, however, does not a June Ambrose make. Listening, learning and restraint are all trademarks of the fashion maverick
who said of herself, "I spent a lot of years being wallpaper. I listen. I’m
always the sober girl in the room." Aspiring interns and employees of
June should take careful note of these traits as they are the same ones that
she values in her staff. Indeed, in a particularly humorous moment June warned
against the dangers of cyber "ratchetness" and the negative impact it can have
on your career, as "your social media is an extension of your resume."

Which leaves one wondering if her aversion to "ratchetness" had anything to do with the decision not to renew Styled By June for a second season on VH1. A move she confirmed for the first time during last night’s conversation.

For those trying to figure out how they will get their style fix in the absence of
her show, June stated that she will be launching her shoe line, June Ambrose,
later this year on the Home Shopping Network. June will also continue to avidly
post on her social media sites for which she proudly stated "I am the Anna
of my page."

June Ambrose on why she screens for 'ratchet' activity of aspiring employees on twitter & Facebook: ‘your social media is an extension of your resume.’
 June Ambrose on why she screens for 'ratchet' activity of aspiring employees on twitter & Facebook: ‘your social media is an extension of your resume.’ Credit:

 If you’re surprised by June’s reverential Anna Wintour comment, don’t be. Humility
seems second nature to the woman who revealed that her first job was at Kentucky
Fried Chicken, her first audition for LaGuardia as a drama student was met with
a denial and that her first styling gig nearly ended in disaster when she only
brought one look for DJ Quayshon to wear in his video (A HUGE styling no no). "We
made it work!" June laughed, but only after accepting the invaluable
critique doled out to her by Quayshon’s publicist who counseled, "You need
options. Always show up with options."

Over the decades June has not only shown the world that opting to walk (or style) to
your own beat is a viable path to personal and financial prosperity, but
that it can be achieved without sacrificing your relationships with loved ones.
When asked about juggling work, a husband and kids June unhesitatingly responded, "My team knows my family comes first."

June Ambrose on the subject of people being flirtatious while they work: "Don't flirt if you don't how."
June Ambrose on the subject of people being flirtatious while they work: "Don't flirt if you don't know how." Credit:

What comes second you ask? A good guess would be integrity or a sense of humor given her response to the question of how as an attractive woman she managed business with clients who wanted to mix in some pleasure. June spoke to the importance of setting clear boundaries, engaging in responsible interpersonal interactions and not doing anything you don’t want to do. She coyly ended with a warning for all parties that may be involved in such situations, "Don’t flirt if you don’t know how."

With such an abundance of wisdom the question inevitably arises as to what makes
this woman of many achievements (and wardrobe changes to match) worry in the still
hours of the night when the lights and Louboutins are off. "I have anxiety
about not being relevant...I have anxieties about not being remembered."

This from a style icon who at that very moment was sitting on the stage of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture facing a standing room only crowd of fans, fashionphiles and newly minted friends attired in various signature Ambrose accoutrements. Perhaps she didn't notice that she was the sole reason that they left work early, trekked across state lines and sat/stood transfixed for two hours at the Harlem's Fashion Row sponsored event. Or maybe she missed the multitude of devices being held up to capture her every word, gesture and outfit thread.

Well June Marie, now is a good time to listen. If not to this writer who will never forget your commitment to candor paired with a sparkling cardigan, floral blouse and skirt combo, then to the inhabitants of the hallowed Schomburg; Richard Wright, Romare Bearden, Gordon Parks and many others.

An honest servant of art will always be relevant and well remembered…


Saturday, January 19, 2013

RidzDesign 366 - A Photo A Day - 2012 - Limited Edition Book by: Ridwan Adhami

Ridzdesign has taken a photo a day for the year of 2012 and now wants to make a coffee table art book to share the images and stories. 




The idea was simple... take a photo every day and post it online...
What it grew into was more personal and wide reaching then anyone ever thought. Stories and images so personal and close to heart, this became more then just photos but a journey into the mind and soul of an artist. 
It was an inspirational project.
  • Personal. 
  • Professional. 
  • Creative. 
  • Fun. 
  • Rewarding. 
  • A document of the flawed masterpiece that is life.

DAY 89
DAY 89

DAY 352
DAY 352

DAY 361
DAY 361

Now That I Have All These Photos What Am I Going To Do With Them? 

Produce a high quality full color 12" x 9" coffee table style photo art book that includes all the photos taken in 2012, out takes, camera specifications, tutorials, stories and much more.
  • Hard cover.
  • LARGE 12x9 inch pages to fully appreciate the images in all their glory.
  • Over 300+ pages of images and information.
  • Case bound.
  • Full color dust jacket.
  • High quality 4/0 full color print.
To print the books will cost roughly about $15,000. But by working together, the cost can be covered. By making a contribution, you will be essentially pre-ordering your copy of the book. He need to sell about 500 copies of the book to get the print run.

The more you contribute the better the reward. The details on the rewards can be found here.

Spread the love, stories and images. 
You will jump for joy once you get your book. (Day 355)
You will jump for joy once you get your book. (Day 355)


NEW 2013 Photo a Day Project on Instagram


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Young Guru: Piracy And Invention [Video]

Revered as “The Sound of New York,” Young Guru has mixed 10 of Jay-Z’s albums and officially became Jay-Z’s tour D.J. in 2010. “When we study hip-hop we are actually studying the history of piracy. If we go back and study all piracy, we see that most things that were created in the world are a remix of something else.”
  Watch him borrow a beat from Al Green [some may know those drums from “Dead Wrong” and “I Got A Story To Tell” by the Notorious B.I.G.] and Bobby Blue Bland used in Jay’s “Heart of the City [Ain’t No Love]” to show the fine line between art and piracy.
  He is also a leader in adapting to a challenging music business. “It is always vibe over money.”

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Greed [Short Poem]

Take Heed...
Never Take Advantage Of The Things You Need...

Never Let Yourself Be Overcome By Greed...

Walk The Straight and Narrow and You Shall Succeed!

Not Everything You Want Is Everything You Really Need... The Standard Of Society Is Motivated By Greed... Are You Prepared To Follow, Tell Me, Are You Prepared To Lead? So Persevere and You'll Succeed !


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nas: The 92Y Interview [Video]

CNN’s favorite lyricist of all time sat down with journalist Anthony DeCurtis for an intimate interview at the 92Y Cultural Institution & Community Center, where he touched on everything in his life, from his childhood to his current profession, and then some.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Nike Air Force 1 “Year of the Snake” Pack

Nike is looking to celebrate the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Snake with the Air Force 1 “Year of the Snake” pack. Available in both low and high-top versions, the pack includes liberal use of snakeskin. The low-top version makes use of a popping red leather upper with tonal snakeskin panelling on the toebox and side panel with a contrasting black swoosh, purple lining, and black and purple sole. The high-top version sports a black leather upper with colored snakeskin inserts on the toebox, side panels, swoosh, ankle strap, and eyelets.

Check out both models below and look for them to hit retailers soon.


Via -Highsnobiety


Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Anthony Flammia at SOBs [Featuring Karen Rodriguez]

Stage is SET !

This was My Last Event of 2012

I Had The Pleasure of Being One of The Photographers at Anthony Flammia's Live Taping of His Album "Ups and Downs" at SOBs in NYC... Dope Atmosphere, Dope Crowd and Also Got The Pleasure of Meeting Karen Rodriguez [American Idol, Season 10 Contestant], Great Energy !

Energy Before She Let Them Sirens Sound...

 Sing That Song !

Karen The Siren
Dope !

 It's Always Dope, When You Have Friends There For You ! We All Need That Support System... S/o Karen and Her Peoples !

and Flamm Steps on The Scene ! [Peep The Swag Walk ???]

Gettin it Right !

Showin Love, That Night Was ALL Love !

I Think This is Right After He MURKED That "All Gold Everything" Cover... Random Dopeness !

Thank You !

The Artists of The Night... Karen and Flamm !!!

Artists !

To View The Pictures in Their Entirety Check.... Calligrafist Photography !


Monday, January 07, 2013

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 Sneakers

Might Need These For My Birthday... May 14th !!!
Here is now a first preview of the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 Sneaker Collection. The line-up for men is tight this coming season, featuring two versions of the high top sneaker with a black/white checker pattern and a matte black version with gold accents. Furthermore Givenchy presents a slip-on sneaker with a woven leather upper in two colorways [Which I'm Not Fond of, Just The Matte Black With The Gold Accents].

Via -  Highsnobiety

Sunday, January 06, 2013

New Music: Wod G Feat. Yo Gotti – On A Scale [Remix]

Remix to Wod G's "On a Scale".... Now Featuring Yo Gotti and Some New Verses !

If You Thought The Original Was a Banger, Check This Out !

But Why is Everyone Talking Bout Molly's Nowadays ??? smh.  

Download The Mixtape "Hustlers Day" [Featuring Freeway, Beanie Sigel, CIGM, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Rob [Formerly of Day26], Rocko and More]. VERY Solid Project.

Support CIGM and WOD G


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Classick Solez Sneaker Show [Pics By: @Calligrafist]

This Past Sunday I Was at "Classick Solez" Shooting and Being a SneakerHead...

Networked and Met Some Cool "Young Fellas" [Damn I Sound Old] !

Here are Some of The Pics From The Event Hosted By Sneakerroom's Suraj and Featuring Stalley

 Kicks and More Kicks !

 Kush and Kicks [They Don't Mix For Me, I Don't Drink, But Hey Do You... Right ?]

Art By FlyKickz

Young Fellas and Kicks !

Rockin Them "Doernbecher" 9s

Knicks Colors ??? [Peep The Trio of Reebok's?] Emmit and Swizz Would Be Proud !

Sneaker Pushers ! [Peep The Stack in My Manz Hand... Stackin !]

 Where Are You Yeezy !?

SneakerHeads ! [Ryanaf01 - Matthew_il]

 Style [Peep The 13s on The Belt]... FRESH !

Had to Cop a Couple Them Thangs !!! [Sneaker Studio]

 FlyKickz Doin That Live Art !

 Sneaker Convos With a Side of Doernbecher

The Dope FlyKickz [Dez]

Check The Rest of The Pics at "Calligrafist Photography"

Don't Forget to Follow The Blog !



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