Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Classick Solez Sneaker Show [Pics By: @Calligrafist]

This Past Sunday I Was at "Classick Solez" Shooting and Being a SneakerHead...

Networked and Met Some Cool "Young Fellas" [Damn I Sound Old] !

Here are Some of The Pics From The Event Hosted By Sneakerroom's Suraj and Featuring Stalley

 Kicks and More Kicks !

 Kush and Kicks [They Don't Mix For Me, I Don't Drink, But Hey Do You... Right ?]

Art By FlyKickz

Young Fellas and Kicks !

Rockin Them "Doernbecher" 9s

Knicks Colors ??? [Peep The Trio of Reebok's?] Emmit and Swizz Would Be Proud !

Sneaker Pushers ! [Peep The Stack in My Manz Hand... Stackin !]

 Where Are You Yeezy !?

SneakerHeads ! [Ryanaf01 - Matthew_il]

 Style [Peep The 13s on The Belt]... FRESH !

Had to Cop a Couple Them Thangs !!! [Sneaker Studio]

 FlyKickz Doin That Live Art !

 Sneaker Convos With a Side of Doernbecher

The Dope FlyKickz [Dez]

Check The Rest of The Pics at "Calligrafist Photography"

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