Friday, April 26, 2013

"An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty" To Premiere This Week

Backed by executive producers Jay-Z, journalist dream hampton, comedian Wyatt Cenac, and actress Joy Bryant, the film An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty will finally premiere in New York City this weekend.

The Terence Nance-directed film, which has already received praise from The New Yorker and the New York Daily News, centers on a man who’s forced to deal with a variety of emotions after being stood up.

An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty also boasts original music from Los Angeles-based beatsmith Flying Lotus whose most recent studio album came with the release of last year’s Until The Quiet Comes.

Below is The Trailer

The New York City premiere of the film will take place this weekend and for those hoping to catch a screening, the film will also be shown at Manhattan’s Cinema Village and the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center from April 26 to May 2. The New York City premiere of An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty will be followed by premieres in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and close to 10 other cities.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Am FlyKickz PT1 [Video]

Old Video, But Dope NoneTheLess... CheckOut The Homie Dez as She Explains Her Craft and Gives You an Inside Look at How She Does it...

Pt.1 of a Mini-Documentary on the stylish and fresh sneaker customizing company FlyKickz... Gives a brief background on Dez the Owner, Designer and Model of the company. Specializing in custom hand painted wearable sneaker art, FlyKickz Sneaker art canvases & More!

Directed & edited by Fresh P. of Touchskies Films & Photo

For more info on FlyKickz check out:
@FlyKickz on Twitter

For more info & videos from Fresh P. check out
@FreshPBeats on Twitter

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Come Up: Director Mazi O [Via: The Source Magazine]

Written By:

 Highlighting Key People in Hip-Hop
As video equipment becomes more and more accessible, the job of the video director may seem easy through the eyes of the viewers. Self-taught, Mazi Oyo learned the importance of hard work, studying and relationships early on in his career. After being given an editing program by his brother, this Brooklyn, New Yorker began his quest for knowledge. At the beginning, he used Youtube to research all things related to his craft. After interviewing Dylan Dilinjah from MTV’s Making Da Band for a radio station he worked at, he decided to put his camera skills to use. He asked to shoot a video for the recording artist, which ended up receiving position feedback. Since that first video in 2010, Mazi has gone on to work with French Montana, Raekwon, Chinx Drugs, Lil Kim, Maino, Max B and more. He operates under his parent company, Mazi International, which encompasses several ventures including his video production company, the clothing company Brooklyn FRESH, HardBody Music, a health and fitness life style brand co-owned with rapper Lil Cease and more. Continue reading to find out the keys to Mazi’s success. Take notes.

You’ve come a long way. How do you connect with these artists?
I’ve been in the industry for 10 years. Before picking up a camera, I was working in other areas. I was at 99.5 FM WBAI for a while and then went into music production and mixtapes. I have love for both of those fields but they didn’t exactly get me to where I wanted to go. But while doing those other things, I met a lot of these artists. Sometimes I’ll meet one artist through another artist. And other times, people just seek me out. In this industry, everybody knows everybody.

Very true, so what role does networking play?
Networking is important. The way the industry is now, relationships are very, very important. So solidifying and holding on to those relationships are a must. With networking, I strongly believe that if you work hard enough, somebody will see your work. If you grind, eventually the right person will see it.

A lot of people are going into videography.
A lot of times, I’ll get directors that contact me, and though I’m pretty new myself, I notice that their motivation isn’t really for the art. They don’t really care about the craft. They do it to pay their car note, to pay their rent and I often tell them, if you’re doing it for that, you’re not going to get very far. I would tell anyone that’s coming into this field that they should focus on the craft and study it more than anything.

Being that you’re pretty fresh when it comes to being behind the camera, what was your strategy?
I have a friend of mine who’s a director, Todd Angkasuwan, and he taught me that in this business, it’s just about shooting. Shoot everything and everyone. Shoot the artists who have no fan base all the way to artists with millions of followers. Shoot a commercial for a corner store. That way, you’ll get your name out. When people look you up, you’ll have some work out there.

That’s great advice. A lot of the time the people with no fanbase get overlooked because they don’t really see how they can benefit.
Exactly. When I started working with Max B, we didn’t get to shoot music videos but we shot a lot of behind the scenes and interview footage. When I started working with him, I was familiar with him but I never listened to his music. It was after I started working with him that I would hear his music in cars passing in the hood and hear people talking about him. At the time, he was basically an indie artist. His music still lives on while he’s in prison right now. Sometimes those are the ones that’s the most creative or who are going to let you be creative.

How important is investing?
I have a friend in California that used to shoot music videos. We were working on a video for Tila Tequila. He had me working on the set. I was surprised when I got there because his set was like a movie set. There were lights everywhere. The crew was humongous. The video turned out well. When I got back to New York, my focused went towards me putting money back into my dream and business. If it’s $100 for a tripod, new lens, or lights, it’s worth it. It’s always good to spend your money on something that’ll make you money.

Great advice. What can we look forward to?
Besides more videos, I’m currently working on a reality show. It involves several rappers, some of which I’ve worked with. I got myself an agent that pitched the show. There is a network that likes the idea and wants me to shoot the pilot. I’m going out of town to shoot two artists and I’ll be back in New York to shoot three artists. I think this is natural progress. Directors, we start off shooting small videos, then the larger videos, then we want to hit the major websites and blogs, then maybe MTV and then after that, maybe it’s time to shoot a movie. Right now, I’m working on an independent urban horror that’ll go straight to DVD. I look forward to venturing into new territory.

-Follow: Mazi O on Twiter: @DirectedByMaziO

-Danitha Jones @LifeLikeJones

Via: The Source Mag


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review of Boulevard Bistro... [New Restaurant in Harlem]

My Last Review "Review of Melba's Harlem... [Not a Good Experience]" Got a Couple Individuals Upset, Till This Day... Truth is Truth ! *Shrugs*

I Value Service, Good Food, Quality and an Awesome Experience Overall... When I Go to Your Establishment I Expect Something[s], Just Like You Expect Something[s].

Since This is a Newly Opened Restaurant I'll Take That into Account During My Personal Review.

What Attracted Me to Boulevard Bistro Was The Fact That it Was a New Restaurant in Harlem and I Like to Try New Places Out for Breakfast With My Chef Homies, From The Outside Looking in Was Very Inviting.

Once Inside, The Ambiance Was Truly Inviting and Well Put Together, The Owner Greeted Us at The Door, and Seated Us.

Comfortable and Homely [Family Owned From The Looks of it, Didn't Ask so I Won't Assume That His Wife and Daughter Worked There].

Personal Advice, Needs a Server as There Wasn't One There at The Time [Keeping in Mind it's New]. 

 We [My Brother and I] Order The Same Thing... French Toast and Eggs. Eggs Not Pictured, Was so Hungry I Forgot to Take a Pic.

Very Good Presentation, Didn't Taste Awesome and Didn't Taste Nasty, Was Regular... Given The Price [$12] I Expected More Flavor, More Ummm Cinnamon Maybe, When You Go Out to Eat You Kinda Expect Something More Than What You Can Make at Home... Right ?

Eggs Needed Salt and Pepper, But Same and Over Priced [$8 for Two Eggs and Toast]... Regular.

As I Said, I Liked The Presentation... The Water Was Brought in The Above Container, Which I Found Dope !

I Don't Drink Coffee, So Hot Chocolate it Was... I Love Hot Chocolate, and This Was Good.

So Overall The Experience Was "OK' and This is Me Being Nice Because It's a New Restaurant... The Best Things About The Experience Wasn't The Food, Which Should Have Been ! The Best Part of Going There Was The Hot Chocolate, The Environment, The Location, and Coziness.

My Critiques are: 

Servers are Needed, Shouldn't Have to Ask for Certain Things [Salt, Syrup, The Bill, etc], Service Was Slow.

The Fact Everything Was Separate Was a Turn Off as Well [Oppose to Ordering French Toast, Eggs and Hash Browns for a Certain Price], We Had to Order Eggs................ French Toast.................. All at a Certain Price, Personal I Would've Preferred a Meal.

I'm Sure The Prices Cater to a Certain Individual, But $30 for Two Eggs, French Toast and Hot Chocolate Isn't What Anyone Expects When They Go Out for Breakfast [I Included Tip, Actual Price was $23 Plus Tax].

Or Maybe They Didn't Want a Certain "Type" of Customer, God Knows Best.... But When I Think of "Black Owned" Establishments I Think We Are Gonna be a Step Above The "Norm"... We Always Get 2nd Rate Service [Not Saying This Was 2nd Rate], Few Black Owned Establishments Make Me Go "DAMN That Was a DOPE Experience, I'm Going back and Telling Others About This".

I Don't Eat Anything Aside From Halal Meat, Maybe a Seafood Substitute for Breakfast, for Those Who Don't Eat Meat.

I'll End There, and I'll Go Back to My Original Statement of it Being a New Restaurant [Over Heard, The Owner Say The Grand Opening Was Tonight, So I'm Sure There's Much Much More to Offer From This Day Forward], I'll Prob Swing Through for The Grand Opening as Well.

Don't Know If I'll Go Back for Breakfast [Doubt it, But Brunch Looked Better and More Diverse], But I Would Try it Again for Lunch or Maybe Dinner...

Checkout The Menu Below:

Wasn't a Bad Experience, Just Expected Much More... 

On a Different Note, Ran into Producer Sidra Smith at and Outside The Restaurant... Dope and Inviting Vibe, Awesome Smile and Courteous [Love Individuals With Excellent Vibes] ! *Respect*

The Start to My Day Was Great Though... Copped Some Heat and Had a Good Convo With My Brother !

I Have a Sneaker Addiction, Yes I Know !

Let's See What The Rest of The Day Has to Offer. 

Peace, Be Safe and Enjoy ! 


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maino & The Mafia Ft. Uncle Murda "Real Recognize Real" [Directed by Mazi O]

Here's The Video For Maino and The Mafia Ft. Uncle Murda "Real Recognize Real"... Directed by Mazi O.

One of The "Funnest" Sets I've Been On, A Lot of Energy and Characters Behind The Scenes !

Uncle Murda and I Behind The Scenes of "Real Recognize Real" Video Shoot
Checkout The Direction and The Grimy and Dark [And "Fun"] Visual Above... 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life Lesson[s] and Dreams !

I've Always Wanted to Win at Everything, Every Day, Since I Was a Kid... And Time Doesn't Change an Individual, it Just Helps You Get a Handle on Who You Are... Even Now, I Still Hate "Losing" -- I'm Just More Gracious About it. 

I'm Also Aware That SetBacks Have an UpSide; They Fuel New and Fresh Dreams !


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