Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Am FlyKickz PT1 [Video]

Old Video, But Dope NoneTheLess... CheckOut The Homie Dez as She Explains Her Craft and Gives You an Inside Look at How She Does it...

Pt.1 of a Mini-Documentary on the stylish and fresh sneaker customizing company FlyKickz... Gives a brief background on Dez the Owner, Designer and Model of the company. Specializing in custom hand painted wearable sneaker art, FlyKickz Sneaker art canvases & More!

Directed & edited by Fresh P. of Touchskies Films & Photo

For more info on FlyKickz check out:
@FlyKickz on Twitter

For more info & videos from Fresh P. check out
@FreshPBeats on Twitter

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