Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review of Boulevard Bistro... [New Restaurant in Harlem]

My Last Review "Review of Melba's Harlem... [Not a Good Experience]" Got a Couple Individuals Upset, Till This Day... Truth is Truth ! *Shrugs*

I Value Service, Good Food, Quality and an Awesome Experience Overall... When I Go to Your Establishment I Expect Something[s], Just Like You Expect Something[s].

Since This is a Newly Opened Restaurant I'll Take That into Account During My Personal Review.

What Attracted Me to Boulevard Bistro Was The Fact That it Was a New Restaurant in Harlem and I Like to Try New Places Out for Breakfast With My Chef Homies, From The Outside Looking in Was Very Inviting.

Once Inside, The Ambiance Was Truly Inviting and Well Put Together, The Owner Greeted Us at The Door, and Seated Us.

Comfortable and Homely [Family Owned From The Looks of it, Didn't Ask so I Won't Assume That His Wife and Daughter Worked There].

Personal Advice, Needs a Server as There Wasn't One There at The Time [Keeping in Mind it's New]. 

 We [My Brother and I] Order The Same Thing... French Toast and Eggs. Eggs Not Pictured, Was so Hungry I Forgot to Take a Pic.

Very Good Presentation, Didn't Taste Awesome and Didn't Taste Nasty, Was Regular... Given The Price [$12] I Expected More Flavor, More Ummm Cinnamon Maybe, When You Go Out to Eat You Kinda Expect Something More Than What You Can Make at Home... Right ?

Eggs Needed Salt and Pepper, But Same and Over Priced [$8 for Two Eggs and Toast]... Regular.

As I Said, I Liked The Presentation... The Water Was Brought in The Above Container, Which I Found Dope !

I Don't Drink Coffee, So Hot Chocolate it Was... I Love Hot Chocolate, and This Was Good.

So Overall The Experience Was "OK' and This is Me Being Nice Because It's a New Restaurant... The Best Things About The Experience Wasn't The Food, Which Should Have Been ! The Best Part of Going There Was The Hot Chocolate, The Environment, The Location, and Coziness.

My Critiques are: 

Servers are Needed, Shouldn't Have to Ask for Certain Things [Salt, Syrup, The Bill, etc], Service Was Slow.

The Fact Everything Was Separate Was a Turn Off as Well [Oppose to Ordering French Toast, Eggs and Hash Browns for a Certain Price], We Had to Order Eggs................ French Toast.................. All at a Certain Price, Personal I Would've Preferred a Meal.

I'm Sure The Prices Cater to a Certain Individual, But $30 for Two Eggs, French Toast and Hot Chocolate Isn't What Anyone Expects When They Go Out for Breakfast [I Included Tip, Actual Price was $23 Plus Tax].

Or Maybe They Didn't Want a Certain "Type" of Customer, God Knows Best.... But When I Think of "Black Owned" Establishments I Think We Are Gonna be a Step Above The "Norm"... We Always Get 2nd Rate Service [Not Saying This Was 2nd Rate], Few Black Owned Establishments Make Me Go "DAMN That Was a DOPE Experience, I'm Going back and Telling Others About This".

I Don't Eat Anything Aside From Halal Meat, Maybe a Seafood Substitute for Breakfast, for Those Who Don't Eat Meat.

I'll End There, and I'll Go Back to My Original Statement of it Being a New Restaurant [Over Heard, The Owner Say The Grand Opening Was Tonight, So I'm Sure There's Much Much More to Offer From This Day Forward], I'll Prob Swing Through for The Grand Opening as Well.

Don't Know If I'll Go Back for Breakfast [Doubt it, But Brunch Looked Better and More Diverse], But I Would Try it Again for Lunch or Maybe Dinner...

Checkout The Menu Below:

Wasn't a Bad Experience, Just Expected Much More... 

On a Different Note, Ran into Producer Sidra Smith at and Outside The Restaurant... Dope and Inviting Vibe, Awesome Smile and Courteous [Love Individuals With Excellent Vibes] ! *Respect*

The Start to My Day Was Great Though... Copped Some Heat and Had a Good Convo With My Brother !

I Have a Sneaker Addiction, Yes I Know !

Let's See What The Rest of The Day Has to Offer. 

Peace, Be Safe and Enjoy ! 


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