Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Learned From My Birthday...

So, I Was Asked "What Did You Learn From Your Birthday?". Was One of The Best Questions of The Month...

Well What I Ultimately Learned From My Birthday is... "Don't Rely on Anyone to Enjoy YourSelf,  You Have to be Secure in Who You are to do What You Wanna do Alone if No One Offers." 

I Had an Interesting BirthDAY and an Awesome Birthday WEEK !

My Birthday Didn't Go As Well as I Would Have Liked, But I Blame MySelf for Relying on Individuals to do Things for Me When I KNEW What I Wanted to do. From Now On I Will Go for What it is I Want With or WithOut "Friends".

Was Suppose to Go to PR, But My friends Sat on Their Hands and I Didn't Go. Was Suppose to Go to Miami, But My Homie Never Got Back to Me. Was Suppose to Do Such and Such, but This Person Didnt.... Blah Blah Blah. I'm Done Blaming Others for Things I Could've Done Alone and Been Happy !

I Love Lessons and Growth... So This Past Birthday Has Definitely Been an Eye Opener for Me !

Thank You to Everyone Who Contributed to it !

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