Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If You Didn't Know - The ReMINDers [Video]

The Reminders Dropped Their New Video to "If You Didn't Know"Off The Album Born Champions This Morning, and Below You Can Enjoy The Visual to a Dope Song !

The Reminders x Brother Ali

The Reminders x Native Sun

If You Don't Know, Now You Know...


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Takin' it To The Streets 2013 [Calligrafist Photography]

Here are Some of My Photos From "The Streets 2013", Hosted By: Iman in Chicago !
Definitely Had a Ball and Met Some Dope Individuals and Caught Up With Old Friends... The Experience Was REAL and I Hope You Get That From The Pictures i Took [Close to 2,000 Individuals or More]... 

Enjoy and Don't Forget to HashTag #CalligrafistPhotography and @Calligrafist for Credit !

Native Sun [London]

 Native Sun !

Big Homie Quadir Lateef About to Perform !

Dope Ass DJ x Q !

Distinguished Gentlemen ! [Mohammed Yahya x The Narcicyst x Big Samir x Liza's Son]

Lyrical Monsters ! [Big and Small Edition]

 Turn Down For What ! [Sarina Leah x Aja x Savera x Liza Garza]

 Faces ! [Aja x Comedian Azhar Usman]

Diversity and Brotherhood ! [Narcy x Brother Ali]

What You Say to Me ??? [The Reminders]

 Narcy ! [Chicago Edition... 1s]

 Yuna !!!!! [One of The Dopest Singers/Individuals I Know]

 Yuna Yuna Yuna !

Yuna x Native Sun ! [Peace]

 Brother Ali [Man I Have The Utmost Respect for This Individual]

We Are Muslim Don't Panic !

Brother Ali x We Are Muslim Don't Panic !

This is for All The Marbles ! [Look at The Crowd, Sheeesh... All Focused on "We're Muslim, Don't Panic] "Wasn't This The Most Amazing Thing You've Ever Seen !" *Brother Ali Voice*

We're Muslim Don't Panic x The Reminders

 We're Muslim Don't Panic !

We're Muslim Don't Panic x Calligrafist ! [Savera is TOO Turnt Up for Me, LOL]

Native Sun x The Reminders ! [Never Turning Down !!!]

Brother Ali x The Reminders !  [Awesomeness]

 Warriors With Words ! [Brother Ali x Quadir Lateef]

 Liza Garza x Quadir Lateef

*These are Only SOME of The Pics*

This Such an Awesome Event [S/o Iman Central for Puttin it Together], Go Check The Rest of The Pictures on My Page and Share, Subscribe and Follow My Blog !

© 2013 Ismail Sayeed • http://Calligrafist.blogspot.com/


Monday, June 17, 2013

I Wanna Go - Yuna [Video]

New Video From One of My Favorite Artists 'Yuna"... If You've Been Under a Rock and Don't Know About Her, Get Caught Up ! Dope and Humble Individual As Well... Via Malaysia !

Friday, June 14, 2013

Photos From Raekwon Ft. Estelle Video Shoot [All About You]

Below Are Photos [Taken By: Calligrafist Photography] for Raekwon's "All About You" Video Shoot Feat. Estelle... This Video is Definitely One to LookOut for !!! Director Mazi O Did His Thing and The Concept/StoryLine is DOPE !!! 

Great Cameos and Locations... Not to Mention "Lucky" [The Leading Lady Did Very Well in Her Role... I'm Excited to See The Video, Check Back Here to View it SOON]

Check Some of The Pics Below

 Viv [From Gossip Game] Getting Her MakeUp "Did".

 We Do This !

Homie MissWhipAppeal Doin What She Does Best ! Beatin The Brakes Off Those Faces.

Communication !

 Mazi O, DWave and Sal... Men Behind The Video !

 Director MaziO and Estelle

The Chef and Estelle

Proud of My Big Bro Mazi O !!!

Viv and JackThriller [Of Thisis50.com]

Greatness !

She Think She's Famous... LOL. The Homie Medgie With The Cameo !

 Jerry Wonda


The Chef and His Leading Ladies... Phyllisia Ross and Lucky !

RR Riding !

RR Riding, With a Smile !

to View The Rest of The Images [Shot By: Calligrafist Photography], Click Here and Enjoy ! Don't Forget to Tag #CalligrafistPhotography and Give The Credit to @Calligrafist.

Thank You !

Estelle and I

Peace !


Friday, June 07, 2013

Hijab Couture - HuffPost Live [Feat: My Sister "Yasmine Yasmine"]

The rise of hijab fashion bloggers, trendy Islamic clothing boutiques, and Masjid [Mosque] sponsored fashion shows are redefining what it means to be a modern Muslim woman.

How does this empower Muslim women? Does it change attitudes towards Muslims?

Hosted by:
  • Yasmine Yasmine (New York, NY) Fashion Stylist and Writer
  • Keziah S. Ridgeway (Philadelphia, PA) Hijabi Fashion Blogger of "Philly Hijabis Killing It", High School History Teacher at AQA Academy
  • Mariam Sobh (Chicago, IL) Founder of Hijabtrendz; News Anchor at WBEZ Chicago Public Radio
  • Marwa Atik (Fountain Valley, CA) Co-founder and Designer of Vela 

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Notorious Feat: Redman x Mr. Cream x Eyes Low [Video - Directed By Mazi O]

After Giving You The BTS... Here's The Official Video Directed By Mazi O... 





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