Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Gone for Ramadhan 2013 [Art By @Calligrafist]

Today is The Day I Disappear from Social Networks and Start My Ramadhan "Cleanse" of Body, Mind and Soul... Pray for Me, That I Become a Better Man, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Son, Friend, Colleague, Boss... etc. And More Over Everything, A Better Muslim !

This Site is The ONLY Site I Will be Updating on... So Stay Tuned to My Blog "Calligrafist.BlogSpot.com".

I Will be Writing and Sharing Thoughts and Other Random Things.

Ramadhan is a Month I LOVE and Look Forward to Every Year... It's an Amazing Experience, Allah is Truly Merciful !

Above is My Annual Artwork for Ramadhan... "Gone for Ramadhan 2013".

Anything Serious, Email Me...


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