Sunday, July 28, 2013

Random Ramadhan Thought[s]

Ramadhan is an Amazing Experience and Does Wonders for Those Who Utilize it Properly !
Ramadhan Allows You to See Individuals for Who They Really Are...
Ramadhan Makes Clear The Unclear and Further Clarifies The Clear...
Ramadhan is Truly a Blessing and We Don't Realize it Until The 29 or 30 Days Have Passed and all we Say is "Damn Ramadhan is Gone Already ???" !

I Truly Pray, Hope and Wish That All The Positive I've Learned and Implemented This Ramadhan Continues and Sticks Around Until The Next Ramadhan, I am in an Excellent Space Right !

Every Ramadhan Changes Me for The Better and I Expect Nothin Less From This Ramadhan, Inshallah !

10 or So Days Left Till Ramadhan 2013 is a Wrap... May Allah Allow Me [All of Us] to Take FULL Advantage of These Days and End The Month Forgiven by The One Loves to Forgive !

*Ramadhan Thoughts After Taraweeh*


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