Saturday, August 31, 2013

8 Things You Need to Know About Eating Sushi

Love sushi? Think you know all there is to know about eating raw fish? Either way you might want to check out this nifty little graphic from I Love Coffee and The Oatmeal which might lend a hand in upping your sushi game. I’d also recommend watching the remarkable documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Check it out below.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AfroPunk Fest 2013 [Calligrafist Photography]

I Went to AfroPunk Fest 2013 in Brooklyn, Just to Enjoy and Not really Shoot... Hence Why I Wasn't All The Way Up Front for Shots !

BUT... I Ended Taking WAY More Shots Than I Anticipated, Below are Some and The Rest are on My Facebook Page.

Enjoy and Don't Forget to Tag Me if You Post Them on IG or Facebook... #CalligrafistPhotography #Calligrafist or Photo By: @Calligrafist !

Danny Brown

Ride The Wave

I Believe I Can Fly ! Surf.

Mosh Pit !

Look at Me !

Curran x Yusuf

Gorg !

Sharmin: "Dude Why are You Taking My Pic !!!??? Ha."


Stephanie x Friend

Gold All on My Wrist !

I'm Shy

Sean Falyon

Art is Life !

Chocolate Girl Glow x Nailah x Son

Dude Why are You Takin My Pic ??? Why.

Chuck D

Fight The Power !

To View The rest of The Pics... Go to "AfroPunk Fest 2013", Might See YourSelf There !

Enjoy and Don't Forget to Tag Me if You Post Them on IG or Facebook... #CalligrafistPhotography #Calligrafist or Photo By: @Calligrafist !


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wall Street Journal: J Cole [Video Interview]

J.Cole on The WallStreet Journal Channel ! 

Jermaine Cole, Known to The Public as rapper J Cole, opens up to the Wall Street Journal's Lee Hawkins about his long journey to the top of the music industry, helped by his mentor Jay-Z and his formal education as a magna cum laude graduate of St. John's University in New York. 

As part of the discussion, he discusses how he landed his record deal, his controversial autism comments, allegations that he and Jay-z are part of a powerful 'illuminati' subculture, Trayvon Martin, his views on race and black America, and his rivalry with Kanye West.

On the Illuminati -- 37:22

On Going To College -- 14:14

On How He Built His Following -- 8:29

On Jay-Z's Mentorship 29:37

On Trayvon Martin -- 27:43

On The Advantages of NYC Rappers -- 23:06 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Reminders: You Can Count on Me [Video]

 I Love These Two For Real... Continued Success Family !

The Reminders 

You Can Count On Me

Produced By Shawn Wayne

Video directed & edited by: Nathan Letteer

FREE Download:

From the Album: Born Champions

Follow: @thereminders
Buy Album:

Buy Album on iTunes:

Monday, August 19, 2013

106 & Park Backroom Freestyle: Locksmith

Man o Man... Can't Tell Me Lock Ain't One of The Best Spitters Out...

Locksmith took his talents to 106 & Park, and stepped inside The Backroom !



Thursday, August 15, 2013

Honest Cowboy - @Stalley [Mixtape]

I Was Invited to Stalley's Listening Party and Couldn't Make it [Ramadhan and I Had to Lead Taraweeh... Plus I Don't Listen to Music in Ramadhan], But With That Being Said... "Stalley is The Big Homie and One of My Favorite Lyricists/Artists Out Right Now, Period" and I am Proud of Him !

I Finally Got a Chance to Listen to This New Project "Honest Cowboy" and He Continues to Make Me Say "He Has More Than Just My Ears, He Has My Support".

I'll Save The Rest of My "Babbling" for When He Drops The Album, Inshallah !

Download This Project and Give it a COMPLETE Listen or 5 !


Below are The Videos That Accompany The Release


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rugz D. Bewler on 'Sway In The Morning

Rugz D. Bewler & Sway
The Homie Rugz D. Bewler recently appeared as a guest on satellite radio show Sway In The Morning (Sirius XM/Shade 45) to promote his new single "Ghost of Betha" and talk about his upcoming project. Following the interview, program host Sway [MTV correspondent] asked Rugz and fellow guest artist, Dice Raw [member of The Roots], to freestyle over beats by Amadeus [record producer and musical director for Trey Songz]. 

Watch footage of the freestyles below. 


Friday, August 09, 2013

Eid Celebration: Gifts for The Kids ! [MAI]

This Sunday [8/11/13] Muslim Arts Initiative Will be Hosting an Eid Event Catering Towards The Kids !

Gifts for The Kids, We Believe Children Should Have Memorable Eid Experiences and Enjoy. This is Event is a Step in That Directions, Come Out and Celebrate With MAI in Harlem !

Doing it for The Kids !

[Food By SoulSpot and Trust in Us Catering]


National Black Theatre
2031 5th Ave
New York, NY 10035


Thursday, August 08, 2013

Use Your Time, Body and Soul Wisely ! [Eid Mubarak 2013]: Eid Artwork, By @Calligrafist

Use your time wisely. Spend it only in pursuit of things that are good. Hold the world in your hand if you so desire, but never let the world use your heart as its abode. Your understanding of the world around you will based off of how you take care of the world within you. Treat your heart as something precious, and let only what is good for have the privilege of receiving its love.

There are many of selfish people in this world. People who think first of themselves. Don't be like them. Don't give in to the tyranny of your ego and self. Don't be hateful, don't be racist, don't be ignorant or foolish. Learn to appreciate diversity by actually experiencing it and not just talking about it or watching it on TV or in a movie. Talk to and build a relationship with someone that the world would fully let you get away with not interacting with, simply because it's the right thing to do and you understand that it will benefit you. It's harder to stereotype when you actually learn someone's name.
Let gratitude influence your worldview and gentleness dominate your demeanor.
The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, "God is kind and loves kindness and gives for gentleness what He does not give for harshness nor for anything else."
And in another narration, "Whenever kindness is in a thing it adorns it, and whenever it is removed from anything, it disfigures it."
Ask yourself regularly how the life that you live brings benefit not just to you, but how does it bring benefit to the people around you. Do good when the opportunity arises, not only when it is convenient. And when you have gone and done well and feel that suffices, go out and do some more. There will always be more to do.
You are men and women of great potential - have the courage and confidence to reach it. Never lose hope, no matter what the situation, and couple that hope with a firm footing in reality. When you feel alone, and think that no one understands, remember that there is a young Imam in New York City who is remembering you in every one of his prayers, regardless of the lifestyle you have chosen or the circumstances you find yourself in.
For those celebrating the Eid ul-Fitr holiday, Eid Mubarak. May your day be blessed and full of joy. For those not celebrating, may your day be blessed more so. It doesn't have to be a holiday to feel uplifted. We don't need always need reasons to be happy, as we usually do to be sad.
May your noble intentions be elevated and life's objectives be facilitated as you continue to do all that you. May you be protected from hearts that are not humble, tongues that are not wise, and eyes that have forgotten how to cry. May you always be successful, compassionate, understanding, and loved, and may you be increased in each of these values for every tomorrow that you see.


Via - @KLatif

[I Opted to do a Random Rough Sketch This Eid for My Annual "Eid Artwork"...]


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Last Days of Ramadhan 2013

In a few days Ramadhan will be over and everything that came with it will potentially be gone except that which we carry with us. Challenges will come and they will be that much more challenging. It'll be tougher to fast, but you should still fast. It will be harder to eat and pray together with friends, but you still should. It will be more difficult to give to those in need, but your giving should never stop. It will not be same, but you also are not the same. Don't give in and make the determination from now. Take with you what you will from Ramadhan, it's yours to take. But don't give it up so easily, especially at the first sign of a challenge, regardless of its form. You deserve more than that... don't expect anything less.


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