Thursday, August 15, 2013

Honest Cowboy - @Stalley [Mixtape]

I Was Invited to Stalley's Listening Party and Couldn't Make it [Ramadhan and I Had to Lead Taraweeh... Plus I Don't Listen to Music in Ramadhan], But With That Being Said... "Stalley is The Big Homie and One of My Favorite Lyricists/Artists Out Right Now, Period" and I am Proud of Him !

I Finally Got a Chance to Listen to This New Project "Honest Cowboy" and He Continues to Make Me Say "He Has More Than Just My Ears, He Has My Support".

I'll Save The Rest of My "Babbling" for When He Drops The Album, Inshallah !

Download This Project and Give it a COMPLETE Listen or 5 !


Below are The Videos That Accompany The Release


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