Sunday, September 29, 2013

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Naming a Brand

The DOs and DONTs of Naming a Brand
Whether it’s naming your firstborn or merely looking to put together the perfect word cluster to perfectly evoke a sensation for a variety of creative endeavors in the world of music, art and fashion, choosing the right moniker proves to be an important – and at times diabolical – a choice a person will ever have to face. Specifically, when launching a brand into an already crowded sartorial sector, being too on the nose creates a sense of being stale rather than nostalgic, while being too on the edge of innovation creates a feeling of “lost in translation.” Over the years, we as an editorial staff have been inundated with an array of emails announcing the arrival of the next “hype” brand – relying on one word statements as if Guy Ritchie film titles, or more lengthy choices that read like a copy of Mad Libs. Using that knowledge as a point of reference, our editorial staff presents some do’s and don’ts if you ever think about trying your hand at fashion.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hot97's Who's Next Live: August Alsina x Tiara Thomas [Calligrafist Photography]

Once a Month Hot97 x SOBs Has "Who's Next Live' Featuring Artists Who are Grinding and Making a Name for Them Selves ! Hosted By Peter Rosenberg x Shani Kulture, With Music By: DJ Juanyto !

 I've Seen Many Artists Hit That Stage... One of My Personal Favorite New Artist Murdered That Stage [As You Can See From My Pictures]... August Alsina Had The Ladies Going Wild and Not Knowing How to Act. Whoever Performed Before Him Were Forgotten and He  Caused Everyone to Not Care Who Came After, Even Though Tiara Thomas's Set Was Dope !

Checkout August's Music
CheckOut Tiara's Music [Congrats on Going Platinum] !

All Photography is By Me [Calligrafist]

Below are The Images !

Monday, September 23, 2013

Toure Designs Show 2013 NYFW [Calligrafist Photography]

Had The Pleasure of Shooting for Toure Designs During Fashion Week 2013 and I Was Impressed, Seein as it was my first time viewing The Line ! Dope Designs !

Def Plan on Copping Some Pieces From His Line, ART is LIFE !

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FrontRow By: Shateria SS 2014 Collection-NYFW [Calligrafist Photography]

During this year’s New York Fashion Week NUMEROUS Celebrities and Fashion Lovers [Can be Seen Below] gathered at STYLE360 New York Fashion Week for the Spring 2014 preview of Shateria’s Front Row clothing collection.

The show kicked off with a performance from Ne-Yo’s artist RaVaughn [Performing "Better be Good" to The PACKED Audience] before models took to the runway in high-end jogger pants, edgy leather tops and eye-catching dresses.

The line is meant to inspire its consumers to be seen on the scene and never settle for anything less than the Front Row.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Junior Mafia Video Shoot [Directed By Mazi O] | Christopher Wallace Way Petition Info

This Weekend I Was on Set With My Brother Mazi O, as He Directed The Junior Mafia Video in Front of BIGGIE's Old House [226 St James PL]... Blacked Out and ready for The Camera !

They Also Were Petitioning to Have The Street Co-named "Christopher Wallace Way", DOPE ! [See The Sign Above]

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fashion Week 2013 Picture Updates ! [Calligrafist Photography]

Currently Working on Them Now... Thank You for Your Patience !

[PS, I NEVER Rush to Publish My Pics... So Don't RUSH Me Unless You're Paying Me]

Calligrafist Photography


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Frontrow Fashion Show 2012 [NYFW - Calligrafist Photography]

Here are The Images From Designer Shateria Moragne-El's "Frontrow Fashion Show" For NYFW 2012... She Will be Showing This Year NYFW 2013, Tomorrow [9/11/13]. 

 She is Like The "Leather Queen", HA !

I Really Enjoyed Her Past Shows and Look Forward to This Year, They Get Better and Better.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Reebok Classic x The Couch Sessions Event [Calligrafist Photography]

S/o to Chris Wise for The Heads Up... Had The Pleasure of Shooting at This Event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn ! 

Event was Held at The PaperBox NYC, Energetic Audience and Dope Artists... Hipsters GALORE and Free Food and Drinks to Consume, I Didn't Stay for The Whole Event, as I Had Other Obligations. 

Below are Some of The Photos I Took and You Can Peep The Rest on My Facebook Page.

If You're Gonna Use or repost The Images, Use My HashTag #CalligrafistPhotography and Tag Me "Photo By: @Calligrafist !

Thanks, Enjoy.


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