Monday, September 16, 2013

Junior Mafia Video Shoot [Directed By Mazi O] | Christopher Wallace Way Petition Info

This Weekend I Was on Set With My Brother Mazi O, as He Directed The Junior Mafia Video in Front of BIGGIE's Old House [226 St James PL]... Blacked Out and ready for The Camera !

They Also Were Petitioning to Have The Street Co-named "Christopher Wallace Way", DOPE ! [See The Sign Above]

to Sign The Petition Go Here and Support !

Twitter: @CWWayBK

Instagram: ChristopherWallaceWay


Below are The Images I Took at The Video Shoot

Enjoy The Pics [The rest are here]... Don't Forget to Tag Me @Calligrafist and My Hashtag #CalligrafistPhotography if You Repost The Pictures on Your Social Sites ! Thank You !

Blake x Mazi O


Directed By MaziO - I Shoot People For a Living

Lil Cease x Mazi O 

Below is an IG Video on Set

 Calligrafist x Lil Cease

 Enjoy The Pics... Don't Forget to Tag Me @Calligrafist and My Hashtag #CalligrafistPhotography if You Repost The Pictures on Your Social Sites ! Thank You !

View The Pictures in Their Entirety HERE


© 2013 Ismail Sayeed •

About The Petition

Christopher Wallace “Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, Big Poppa” is a native of Brooklyn, NY, and his success through his artistic and creative lyrical wordsmith in music has influenced people around the world. This is a petition to honor Christopher Wallace with the co-naming of the corner of this childhood home at St James Place and Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY to Christopher Wallace Way.

Artistically during Christopher Wallace time in music he was considered the best at his craft, so much so, he was given the highest esteem by the leading Hip Hop magazine, The Source, as King of New York. Coming from modest beginnings the story of Christopher Wallace tells the story of a boy to a man accomplishing greatness, using words as his tools. The story of Christopher Wallace continues to have a resounding influence on new generations although he passed away in 1997.
Please take the time to sign the petition for Christopher Wallace Way, and ask others to sign the petition also. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way.



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