Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Terrence J Book Signing [Mist Harlem, NYC]

Terrence J [of E News] Released his Book Based on His Mother "The Wealth of My Mothers Wisdom" The Book Signing Was Intimate and He Opened The Floor to Q&A Right Away After Introducing Himself and a Slight Intro into The Book...
  One Thing Terrence Mentioned Which Still Stands Out is "I Never Looked at My Mother as a Human Being, Didn't Think About Her Having a Life Before Me, This Book Allowed Me to Look at Her as a Human Being and Not Just The Woman Who Gave Birth to Me".

My Personal Take Away Was, Terrence is a Very Positive and Focused Young Man and Found a Way to Show Appreciation to His Mother, as Well as Educating The Readers [Youth].

One Major Standout at The Signing Was The Lack  of "Youth"... The Room Was Predominately Women and Gay Men. The Lack of Straight Men Was Interesting to Say The Least, Something That Stood Out Strongly !

I'm Looking Forward to Reading The Book and Getting to Know Terrence Better and See Things Through His Eyes !

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Terrence Being Interviewed


Terrence x His Mother

 Can't Wait to Read it !

 Calligrafist Supporting Terrence J's Book !

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